8 Bollywood Celebs With Hollywood Lookalikes, Check Out 8th One


Who loves Bollywood not? Bollywood stars are people we strive to meet, even in our dreams they always appear. Many of us worship them, very literally. Even if we don’t practice it ourselves, almost every one of us has a friend or family member following the first-day-first-show rule of watching the movies of his / her favourite Bollywood star.

Now, if you too are a fanatic of Bollywood like the kind we mentioned above, we’ve got a surprise for you. We were pleasantly shocked a few days ago when we came across some Hollywood celebrities who bore an uncanny resemblance to some of our favourite desi stars. It’s incredible how they are all part of this starry universe and still, despite seeing them individually in their movies, we hadn’t noticed this striking similarity between them.

We aren’t sure if we can call them doppelgangers, a concept in which people believe that every single soul on this earth has seven other humans who resemble them but aren’t related to them, but we are sure that it is a crazy coincidence. This finding can amuse you or maybe you will find it disconcerting. To get you to decide, we’ve collated a list of some Bollywood celebs with their Hollywood lookalike partners. This list is pretty long and might even jolt you, so hold on to your seats. Here you go:

1. Parineeti Chopra And Hayden Panettiere

Look out, dad! It is remarkable how these two lovely ladies possess such a bubbly attitude. Of reality, one is blonde and the other is brunette, but if you look at their features and their eyes, these two can certainly pass off as twins. Parineeti is Bollywood actor, and Quantico actress cousin Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Like her lookalike Hayden, who is an American model, rapper, and actress of the Heroes fame, she is also an incredible singer. They really look alike, don’t they?

2. Katrina Kaif And Cobie Smulders

Have you seen the actress playing Robin’s character in the popular TV show, How I Met Your Mother? She doesn’t look so much like our desi girl Katrina Kaif? Well, the actress whose name is Cobie Smulders has a striking resemblance to Kat, both of whom radiate in their looks a flirtatious naughtiness and vivacity.

3. Preity Zinta And Drew Barrymore

They look so alike that anyone unfamiliar to the world of Bollywood and Hollywood may end up believing these two are sisters who have been raised in two different countries. The only difference here is that although Preity is a self-made star, Drew originated from one of Hollywood’s most known acting families. Their dimples, and a remarkably similar innocent charm, isn’t it?

4. Indraneil Sengupta And Jeff Goldblum

Indraneil was a model first, then he did several appearances on television’s small screen. Later, in movies like Kahaani, 1920, Satyagraha, etc., he bagged decent character-specific roles, which is when the audience realized how this beautiful Indian man resembled Jeff Goldblum. Goldblum is a famous Hollywood actor who is widely known in the Jurrasic Park franchise for his acting skills and is also popular as a meme-subject.

5. Esha Gupta And Angelina Jolie

If you can’t afford to go west to get a glimpse of Angelina Jolie, we are back in our home country with our very own version. This is Esha Gupta we are talking about. These two actors have not only a similar look and facial features but also a very similar body structure. And the only difference is in their respective career success graphs (you know what we mean).

6. Sonali Kulkarni And Halle Berry

This is one duo who not just look similar, but their career achievements to have adorned the resemblance hat. While our Sonali is National Awardee, Halle is an Oscar winner! This proves that both are powerful performers onscreen. In terms of their face, nose, and smile — they look so same!

7. Diya Mirza And Anne Hathaway

Those two celebrities of two different worlds could easily be mistaken for sisters with their matching skin tones, their perfect eyes, their heart-warming smiles, don’t you think? Both of them have this innocent, graceful look and the way they both walk in the public eye is also quite alike.

8. Hrithik Roshan And Bradley Cooper

While one is an Indian version of a Greek deity, the other is an American heartthrob worthy of swoon. And hell yeah, they both fall in the category of earth’s sexiest guys. What might be one of these two? Just watch both of you, they all look alike, aren’t they? Just look at those smouldering lips, straight jawlines, light-coloured hair and straight noses— the similarities don’t end, don’t they? So, let’s just find consensus and move on.

Now we can all assume that the two starriest worlds on this planet, the Bollywood and the Hollywood, are in fact “identical” cases here. Know some other couple like that? Using the comment section below to let us know.

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