4 Times Bollywood Tried To Compare Itself To ‘Avengers’ & Gave People Second-Hand Embarrassment


The largest and grandest film franchise that we have ever seen is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every superhero fan could only hope for so many films, so many characters, and so much action.

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Since it’s so big, everyone is constantly trying to get in on the action, which sadly also includes Bollywood. I mean, if you look at the top-grossing movies of all time, Marvel pretty much rules them all.

Bollywood actors and directors occasionally decide to compare themselves to the Avengers, which is just incredibly cringe-worthy for everyone. It makes people feel so ashamed of themselves that it makes it difficult to take them seriously.

So, here are a few times where Bollywood should not have discussed Marvel but did:

1. Comedy Avengers Universe with Housefull 5

First, is the most recent atrocity. Even though we no longer require any more Housefull movies, they continue to be produced. They really didn’t need to involve the MCU in this because the franchise is already troublesome on its own. In essence, Housefull 5 was revealed last week. Akshay Kumar shared the news on Instagram by releasing a photo showing the Housefull 4 cast as well as a few new cast members.

The issue started when a source allegedly stated that Akshay Kumar and filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala were developing a Comedy Avengers Universe. Yep.

The source reported

“The fact that every character is returning for the fifth instalment means that there will be a sizable ensemble cast. The script is now being worked on by Sajid and his team, who intend to shoot the film on Imax. Baahubali and Padmavaat are the most recent films utilising this format to be produced in Bollywood. Sajid and Akshay are creating their own Comedy Avenger Universe with this.”

2. Singham Cinematic Universe

Rohit Shetty has produced three box office successes and 100 crore club films with Singham, Singham Returns, and Simmba, making him without a doubt THE man in Bollywood who crafts cop pictures.

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With Akshay Kumar’s cameo in Simmba as a method to introduce his character Veer Sooryavanshi for his own upcoming movie, he has already begun the process of tying all of the films together into one Cinematic Universe.

He stated:

“Ten years from now, Hollywood will reflect whatever happens in America. That has always been the theory. I had the thought that we should create a universe while watching the Avengers series. Obviously, we don’t have the kind of funding to consistently produce a large number of superhero films. Then I thought to make a cop universe from Simmba onwards.”

Because this was taking place for the first time in our nation, he continued,

“I was a little concerned before the release of Simmba. Since small children and teenagers have seen Avengers, but our adult audience hasn’t, I figured that they would be aware. Although I had my misgivings, the worlds were successfully combined.”

3. Desi Tony Stark aka Chunkey Pandey

Ananya Pandey always receives backlash for whatever she does or says, so when she compared her father Chunkey Pandey to Tony Stark, she wasn’t helping her own cause.

source: Instagram

Since Chunkey Pandey himself made fun of that in Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Lives, this one wasn’t as awful.

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4. Aditya Seal is upset with people who love Marvel but find SOTY 2 unrealistic

The Student of the Year 2 star Aditya Seal discovered the hard way that comparing Marvel to that show is the biggest mistake anyone could possibly make.

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Aditya talked about the criticism SOTY 2 received for depicting an unrealistic school and college life after the film’s release. That particular segment of society, he continued, “will watch ‘Avengers,’ enjoy it, and think superheroes exist, but they will criticise us for it.”

Superheroes aren’t really believed to exist, but schools do. Like the entire second season of Student of the Year, his statement made no sense.

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