Fitness Model Reveals Physique Secrets


Carriejune Anne Bowlby, a fitness model, frequently displays her lean body on Instagram. She has 2 million followers and offers advice on how to maintain a trim body while looking stunning. The beauty of Carriejune is evident in everything she does.

The model acquired a great enthusiasm for fitness beginning in fifth grade through sports including cheering, track and field, and gymnastics.

This popular figure, who is originally from New Jersey, has broadened her interests beyond sports and started lifting weights. She currently participates in fitness competitions after discovering a new enthusiasm for muscle growth.

During her junior year of high school, Carriejune joined a gym to have the muscular appearance she wanted.

She said:

“I got my first set of 8lbs weights and proceeded to have my mom buy me all of that workout equipment you see on the infomercials like shake weights, ab coasters, etc.”

After putting in a lot of effort in the gym, the fitness model saw improvements in her strength and physique, which she proudly shared on social media.

Since then, the blogs’ interesting, educational, and inspirational material has encouraged and helped many people begin their physical makeovers.

Larissa Reis, a Brazilian fitness and IFBB pro with washboard abs that could rival those of most Men’s Physique competitions, is an inspiration to Carriejune.

Larissa Reis is my favourite female athlete, she continued. She was my first fitness motivation because of how gorgeous and feminine she looked despite having so much strength.

The fitness model works out six days a week, saving one day for recovery and rest.

Starting with four sets of 20–15 repetitions on the first exercise, with a rest period of fewer than 30 seconds, is how Carriejune works out. She moves on to heavy compound lifts after that, performing 3–4 sets of 8–10 repetitions with 60 seconds between sets.

Carriejune concentrates on isolated lifts for the last portion of her programme, performing 3–4 sets of each exercise with rest intervals of under 45 seconds.

Carb cycling is used in the fitness model, with two low-carb days and one high-carb day. Regardless of her fitness objectives, she always has 34 cups of oats and an egg white for the morning. To improve the effectiveness of her workouts, she also takes pre-workout vitamins.

Whey protein supplements are taken by Carriejune to speed up her recovery.

Fish oil for the heart and joints, along with multivitamins to meet her micronutrient requirements, are all part of Carriejune’s supplement regimen. She adheres to a set workout schedule, concentrating on her quads, back, shoulders, and chest on different days, along with a glutes/hamstring leg day and an arm day.

In addition to having a great figure, Carriejune is a successful businesswoman and the owner of the apparel line Minibeast Clothing.

What do you do to maintain your physical fitness? Please let us know whether you plan to follow the fitness model’s regimen.