8 Celebrities Who Have Been Shamed On Social Media For Their Clothes


The media is a cruel environment. However, it is, unfortunately, becoming a breeding ground for many masked online criminals who hide behind pseudonyms and enjoy troll people in positions of power. When they spew hate on online sites without being recognized, it gives them a sense of control. Cyberbullying has reached a new low as a result of the advancement of digital technology. Unsolicited comments and hatred are directed at Bollywood celebrities, especially actresses, for their clothing and personal choices.

On social media, these divas have repeatedly called and shamed their bullies. After being exposed to trolls on a regular basis, it appears that they have developed some immunity to them. We’ve compiled a list of Indian women (read: celebrities) who have been trolled on social media for their clothing in this article.

We’d also like to point out that we strongly denounce such vile behavior on social media, and we applaud our ladies for taking down their trolls like bosses.

1. Mithali Raj

The Indian woman skipper was once mocked online by so-called cultural protectors for wearing a black tank top. What’s the big deal? Mithali was also asked to bring the image down by the pea-sized brains.

2. Priyanka Chopra

However, this isn’t the first time Priyanka Chopra has been chastised for attending a foreign award ceremony in a plunge neck gown. The diva, on the other hand, paid no mind to the trolls.

3. Ankita Lokhande

Ankita Lokhande/Instagram

People couldn’t get the Adarsh Bahu image of the Pavitra Rishta actress out of their minds, so she was shamed on social media for wearing “western dresses.” For those unfamiliar, Ankita Lokhande starred in the daily soap Pavitra Rishta as a shy Indian lady.

4. Safa Baig

I’ve always been perplexed as to how a coat of nail polish could harm an entire religion! Safa Baig, Irfan Pathan’s wife, was ridiculed for wearing bright nail polish on her hands. According to religious imposters on social media, it was considered un-Islamic.

5. Aneri Vajani

The actress, who rose to fame thanks to Jennifer Winget’s Beyhadh, was trolled on social media for being too skinny and, more importantly, for wearing a bikini in a social media post. She wanted to see a doctor right away, according to the self-proclaimed social media health experts. But, being the brave lady that she is, Aneri Vajani refused to delete her photograph and told them right away that she would wear whatever she wanted.

6. Fatima Sana Shaikh

Fatima Sana Shaikh/Instagram

The Dangal Girl has been the target of social media trolls on many occasions. By religious preachers, she has always been scrutinized for her sartorial choices. Small-minded people once mocked her for wearing western clothing during Ramzan.

7. Sonarika Bhadoria

Sonarika Bhadoria/Instagram

Sonarika Bhadoria rose to prominence after starring in a TV show as the Indian Goddess Parvati. She took to social media after her exit to share a photograph of herself in a bikini. This irritated her followers, who had always imagined her as a devout godmother.

8. Nia Sharma

On social media, the third sexiest Asian woman was sl*t-shamed for her suggestive images. However, the brave lady took another photo in a similar outfit and returned it to her trolls.