10 Celebrities Who Used Their Money to Make a Stranger’s Day Brighter


Some famous people really believe that giving is preferable to receiving. These generous celebrities never forget to give back to society and pay it forward, despite their extremely hectic schedules and countless distractions. They make it their goal to make other people happy, whether it be through an impromptu act of kindness or a thoughtful surprise, and we adore them even more for it.

We think that random acts of kindness are what make us human. We’ll share with you ten celebrities who wished to utilise their fame to contribute to global warming.

Dwayne Johnson


It appears that the Hollywood celebrity is a hero outside of his films. The Rock once shocked a poor, widowed father of two children by announcing that he would pay for all of their Christmas gifts. To make things even more morale-boosting, Johnson and the actor John Krasinski also disclosed that they had donated $5 million to a non-profit organisation that distributes toys in honour of the single parent.

Johnny Depp

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In one of his favourite Chicago restaurants, the Hollywood star reportedly held a gathering of 15 people and paid a $4,400 tab with a $4,000 tip. The lucky waiter, who was obviously thrilled, called the star “a really soft-spoken guy who is very lovely and sweet.”

He said, “When I was serving him, he didn’t like to be fussed over too much and wasn’t in the least bit demanding.”

Colin Farrell

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The 46-year-old actor once spent $2,100 on a shopping trip with a homeless man he called “Stress.” Then, in order to help him find housing and leave the streets, he offered him $830 in cash for the first and last month’s rent. Farrell has already aided “Stress” in other instances. The actor actually got to know the homeless man for the first time four years earlier when he accompanied him to a radio show where they were giving away $2,000 to anyone who could bring the actor to their studio.

Lady Gaga

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The 36-year-old singer made the decision to buy some pizza for the people lining up outside a business to get her autograph. She spent $1,000 on 80 cheese pizzas as a result. Gaga reportedly left a “very, very well” tip at the pizza joint.

Chris Hemsworth

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The 17-year-old lad who handed in the Hollywood A-wallet lister’s after he unintentionally left it at a restaurant made him feel incredibly grateful. The Thor star chose to give the money back to the young person who returned it since he was so appreciative that all of the cash inside his wallet was still there. Additionally, he added, “a little extra” to cap it all off.

Taylor Swift

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The kind 32-year-old singer once chose to give nearly $30,000 to a Portuguese student so she could attend a university in the United Kingdom. Swift discovered the student’s Go Fund Me website and was moved by her passion and commitment, so she made the decision to help her pursue her aspirations.

Zac Efron

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The actor, 34, previously spent $949.99 on a brand-new iPhone for a fan. While attempting to film the celebrity on social media, the fan dropped his phone. The young man was overjoyed by this kind act, and he stated that in addition to purchasing him a new phone, his idol also extended an invitation for him to visit the set so they could have a real meeting.

Justin Bieber


The 28-year-old celebrity suddenly wanted to thank two of his followers for making their day extra memorable when he ran into them while they were viewing his most recent video in an Apple shop. Then, after purchasing an iPhone for each of the girls—a pink and a green one—he also purchased a yellow iPhone for himself. Finally, he gave the girls a high-five and told them they were his favourite people.

Kylie Jenner

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The teenage star gave a mother and daughter on a TV show $200,000 to aid with their financial troubles. The 22-year-old daughter had left college to help support her mother and Kylie’s kind gesture would enable her to pay off her debt and resume her education.

Keanu Reeves

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Keanu is renowned for having a heart of gold and for being incredibly kind. And this act of kindness is another in a long line of decent deeds. A longtime janitor called Randolph Gregory had his own store purchased by the actor once.

The following is what Mr Randolph posted on his Facebook page after meeting Keanu Reeves five days ago at the restaurant where he was working in St. Louis: “I have been working as a janitor for the past seven years, wiping the floor every day and breaking my back to feed my family. Thanks to him, I am now a shop owner.”

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Do you think our desire to share our wealth with others increases as it increases in amount?

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