9 Celebrity Flaws That Don’t Spoil Their Looks One Bit


Nobody is flawless, and in their appearance, even world-famous celebrities may have some defects. Some have made them a trademark; others don’t seem to be bothered at all by them.

In order to remind you once again that everybody is beautiful in their own way, we have decided to tell you about these celebrities. By the way, for all fans of Mates, we have a small attentiveness test at the end of the post.

Megan Fox

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In her appearance, also a beauty such as Megan has a slight flaw: a congenital disorder called brachydactylia makes her thumbs a little shorter and her nails a little wider than they should be. The girl wasn’t too worried about this shortcoming, and she even talked about it on a talk show.

Elizabeth Taylor

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The director asked the young actress during the shooting of Lassie Comes Home to remove her makeup because he felt it was too much. This was no make-up, however, but a rare genetic mutation: the eyelashes of Elizabeth developed in two lines, rendering her eyes unbelievably charming. The effect was added to by her rare violet eye color.

Alan Rickman

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Everyone who heard the velvety voice of this great actor remembered that forever. Rickman, it turned out, had a congenital lower jaw defect, and as a result, speech difficulties. This affected his way of speaking and gave the iconic voice to his fans-a a perfect example of turning a mistake into a power.

Kate Bosworth

An especially distinctive characteristic is the actress Kate Bosworth: one of her eyes is blue, and the other is brown. This is known as heterochromia since eye irises are colored differently, an abnormality. Mila Kunis and Christopher Walken are among other actors with eyes in varying colors.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

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The actor hit his head in the swimming pool a long time ago and got a large lump on his forehead. It remained with Van Damme for life, but did not make it any harder to seek a career in Hollywood.

Vanessa Paradis


She was advised to get rid of the prominent gap between her teeth when Vanessa was young (incidentally, that’s what Madonna actually did). But the girl had a way of her own and decided to change nothing. While her choice wouldn’t be embraced by dentists, this particularity definitely gives her a special charm.



Seal, the singer, had a dangerous disease as a child: lupus erythematosus. He was fortunate enough to survive, but for life, the marks remained on his face. However, his ability to impress top models was not impaired by this defect: Seal used Tyra Banks to date and was married to Heidi Klum.

Halle Berry

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On her right foot, the actress has six toes. In childhood, this is normally corrected, but Halle never had an operation. The flaw does not annoy her at all and she likes to wear open-toe shoes. Interestingly, different irregularities in the toe are very popular. Ashton Kutcher, for instance, has two partly conjoined toes.

Matthew Perry


For years, we have loved and watched Friends but never realized the actor Matthew Perry lacks the right-hand middle finger’s upper phalanx. He lost it when as a child, he caught his hand in a doorway. There were also digital problems with his character, Chandler: in the novel, Monica dropped a knife on his foot that cut off a portion of his little toe.

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