Not only Shahrukh Khan, Many Celebs have managers with status, get salary in lakhs of rupees


Aryan Khan, the son of star Shahrukh Khan, is in the custody of the NCB. During the NCB interrogation, Aryan stated that his father is quite busy. He had informed numerous people that his father is extremely busy. They collaborate on a number of projects. He occasionally has to make an appointment to see his father. A manager’s position in the Bollywood industry is comparable. Film stars’ managers plan their entire itinerary based on their meetings. For this, they are paid in lakhs of rupees.

Shahrukh Khan’s Manager Pooja Dadlani


Pooja Dadlani is Shahrukh Khan’s manager. She examines everything in his work. They must go through their boss to meet for a project or other task.

Priyanka Chopra’s manager Anjula Acharya


Anjula Acharya is Priyanka Chopra’s manager. She witnesses everything of Desi Girl’s work, from Bollywood to Hollywood.

Akshay’s manager Zenobia Khola


Actor Akshay Kumar is widely regarded as the industry’s busiest celebrity. He’s always got something going on. He makes 4-5 films a year. Zenobia Khola is Akshay’s manager, who is in charge of his hectic schedule.

Anushka Sharma’s Manager Ritika Nagpal


Ritika Nagpal, Anushka Sharma’s manager, is in charge of her job. There is also a strong relationship between the two.

Ranveer Singh’s manager Suzanne Rodrigues


Suzanne Rodrigues is in charge of Ranveer Singh’s work. She has been in charge of his work for numerous years.

Arjun Kapoor’s manager Runali Bhagat


Runali Bhagat is the manager of actor Arjun Kapoor. Runali has been in charge of his work for the past 9 years.

Deepika Padukone’s Manager Karishma Prakash


Deepika Padukone was also questioned about drugs by the NCB last year. During this time, the name of his manager, Karishma Prakash, was also in the news. Karishma had been following his work for quite some time, but Deepika has now removed him.