11 Celebs That Are Loaded but Still Lead a Normal Life


There are several celebrities who alter their lifestyle drastically as they become famous and rich. They only start traveling by limousine, purchasing luxurious cars or moving into lavish mansions, and attending the most exclusive events. But on the very opposite side, there are those who do not let themselves be overpowered by success, and they adopt a more modest way of life, even though they have several million dollars in their bank accounts. Some of them still continue to do the same things they did before they were internationally well-known.

1. Keanu Reeves chilling out on the street


Perhaps one of the most modest celebrities ever to set foot in Hollywood is Keanu Reeves. And, even though he’s been through some pretty difficult times, the successful actor continues to impress us over and over again by showing that he knows how to be genuine and genuinely compassionate. He has a foundation devoted to supporting and testing for children’s hospitals that, ideally, will one day develop a cure for cancer.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker taking the subway

© Vallenilla/face to face / East News© Vallenilla/face to face / East News

Sarah Jessica Parker has actually proved to be a fairly average person, unlike her Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw, who just used a cab to get around the city. Instead of more expensive modes of transport, including cabs, she mostly uses the subway to ride around New York City. This means of transport seems more adventurous for the actress, so much so that she posted a video on her Instagram account in which we can hear how hectic her day feels one step at a time as she climbs, one step at a time, to get from the E-line to the busy streets of New York.

3. Catherine Zeta-Jones takes her daughter to school on the subway

© Bauer Griffin / East News© Bauer Griffin / East News

Catherine Zeta-Jones chose the subway instead of using a car as the safest means of transport to carry her little girl, Carys, to kindergarten. And she also showed by doing so that she is as ordinary a human as all of us, and she is proud of that. “We have a lifestyle that is very simple. In Bermuda, we live. We don’t have a big house on a hill, we don’t have a cozy little house with a lot of property, but it’s not like a big rich house,” she said in a press interview.”

4. Neil Patrick Harris uses public transportation like a pro


We live in Harlem, New York because we want our children to bear witness consciously and see all different kinds of people in all different kinds of ways. We love going to fancy restaurants, we love taking the train with us… If you would go and meet all sorts of other people and see them doing all sorts of different things… In ways that you can’t even imagine, the mind will grow. The actor from How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014), who, without a doubt, sets the precedent of how to lead a youthful and exciting life, explains how to travel and meet and discover and never think you’re too old to learn.

5. Madonna riding her bike


In terms of the atmosphere and climate change, the Queen of Pop is very concerned. And because she’s committed to the cause, she’s a very passionate vegetarian and besides the occasional stroll, has made biking her main means of transportation to get around the area. Spotting Madonna riding her bike is not unusual. That was already happening in Barcelona, right before the gig, when she was doing some sightseeing there, and also in London. Often, biking allows her to keep in shape because she adheres to very rigorous exercise training.

6. Reese Witherspoon playing with her kids at the park


Legally Blonde (2001)’s lead actress can easily show that she is the traditional loving mother, considering her incredibly successful career. She used to love taking her twins, Ava and Deacon, to the park, like any other non-celebrity mom and babysitting them while they had fun in the playground. They’d have a little picnic then and share a few delicious pizza slices together.

7. Angelina Jolie chatting with one of her son’s college classmates

© richard.s.choi/ MEGA/Mega Agency/East News

Any mother will be able to see her baby grow up, graduate from high school, and go to college. Clearly, Angelina Jolie has no excuse to be an exception. Maddox, the eldest son of Jolie she adopted with Brad Pitt, would study biochemistry at Yonsei University, and on his first day, Jolie was the one who took him to college. She even hung around to speak to some of the young man’s classmates for a while.

8. Andrew Garfield also using the subway to move around the city


Although Mr. Garfield is used to a fairly original way of commuting in the movies, namely with the help of his webs while hopping between houses, it’s a totally different story in real life. The protagonist of The Spider-Man Amazing (2012) and The Spider-Man Amazing 2: The Electro Rise (2014), In reality, the subway always takes you from one place to another in the city. A good cup of coffee, some music, an attitude of thoughtfulness, and… A seat next to him for free! Who wouldn’t take a deal like that? The charms of taking the subway are those!

9. Ashley Benson filling up the gas tank

Hi everybody. Hey everyone. Just let you know that I was pumping some gas this weekend. Here’s some evidence. Hope this weekend you’re having a blast as well. Also, please let me know what you’re having tonight for dinner. “Some ideas are needed,” Ashley Benson says on her Instagram account. It’s not difficult to see that she’s just a typical girl like all of us, despite being one of the most popular celebrities of our time, too. And no it’s not very fun waiting at the gas station, and we completely agree!

10. Mariah Carey is very elegant on the subway

© mariahcarey / Instagram

For those of us who need to go to work or to study, commuting by subway is an everyday activity. But Mariah Carey, the singer, felt there was no excuse for her not to do that either. And because she wanted to engage in this experience, she also took the subway. But of course, she did it in her own way, still very sexy, and as if she were about to play, wearing a long dress. Yep, she took the subway in New York City wearing a gala dress and even kept a nice memory of the moment by taking a funny story she shared on Instagram later on.

11. Geri Halliwell saves time and money with public transportation

Londoners were stunned by the former Spice Girls’ singer known as Ginger Spice when on their way to work, they unexpectedly saw her taking the famous tube for the first time in 17 years. She was so excited that she posted some tips on how to get the most out of this mode of transportation on her Twitter account. Oh, the perks of London living!

Preview photo credit Vallenilla/face to face / East NewsVallenilla/face to face / East News