4-Year Old Girl Suffers From Rare Health Condition; Is Allergic To Everything, Including Air


A four-year-old girl from Queensland, Australia, has unusual medical issues that prevent her from living a normal childhood. Clara Clark is unable to leave her alone because she suffers from a variety of unusual diseases. Clara is allergic to everything outside of her house, especially the air.

How is Clara surviving? 


Clara’s parents claim that their 4-year-old is fed a special baby formula. When she’s hungry, she can munch on ice cubes.

Clara has mast cell activation syndrome, which can lead to anaphylactic shock in those who are affected. Clara also suffers from four other unusual illnesses that make her hypersensitive to pollutants in the air, cold weather, and insect bites.

Clara’s parents must prepare their precious daughter with drugs in order for her to venture outside.

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Clara has been unable to attend kindergarten since her symptoms deteriorated in 2021, and she may have to leave school permanently if she does not receive the help she requires.

Clara’s mother, Elisa, said the Daily Mail Australia in an interview, “She is depressed and occasionally inquires as to why none of the other children are sick. She fantasises about what she’ll be able to consume once her stomach is healed.”

What are Clara’s rare conditions? 

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Clara also has CSID (congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency), FPIES (food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome), Fructose Malabsorption, and Skeeters Syndrome (cold urticaria).

Clara suffers from severe stomach pains, acid reflux, and other symptoms associated with glucose intolerance as a result of her various diseases.

Elisa had to give up her children’s clothing and accessory business due to her daughter’s growing condition and symptoms, as she needed to care for Clara.

Clara’s medication, expert appointments, alternative treatments, and air purifiers cost over $100 per week (around £57) due to her unusual ailments.

Clara’s parents, Elisa and Simon, refuse to give up on their daughter’s right to a normal life and have chosen to seek any and all assistance available to aid her.

Clara’s suffering has been alleviated by the couple’s efforts, which include repairing their home for hidden mould, red light treatment, and numerous compounded drugs and specialist appointments.

“All we want is for Clara to be happy and stable so she can possibly eat one day or go to school and simply be a part of a normal life,” Elisa continued, optimistic.