8 Weirdest Yet Creative Names Of Restaurants Around The World That Will Make You Go WTF


What is there in a name? The famous English poet and dramatist William Shakespeare said, and this quote may have been accurate at his time, but the name matters a lot in today’s age as it is the first thing that is initially remembered by something or anyone. In addition, the name speaks a lot about the person or the organization and it has the potential to draw clients to some degree.

When you have to specifically attract the attention of customers or draw the attention of people, it is especially necessary. Some people do not seem to understand its meaning, however, and end up using those names for their companies, which can make them an object of ridicule.

1. Fu King Chinese

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If you are in a Chinese food mood, then there is a restaurant that you can frequent, but if you go with some elderly person, it is definitely difficult to take his name. However, the name of the restaurant can also make you happy while you are visiting with your friends.

2. Herpes Pizza

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The owner of this outlet was not aware of the nature of Herpes because it is a disease that causes sores near the mouth or genitals. It is incredibly unlikely. If clients come to have pizza, however, then we don’t think it’s appropriate to change the name.

3. Paapi Peat

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In India, it is said that a person does anything to fill his stomach, to pacify hunger in simple terms. The stomach is kept responsible for it when a person does something wrong again, but this restaurant owner took it very seriously and named his restaurant as Paapi Peat Peat (Sinner Stomach).

4. V*gina Tandoori Indian Cuisine

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This restaurant will serve Indian cuisine, but because of its name, most Indians would like to stay away from it. Another question that comes to everyone’s mind is the need to use the word “V*gina” in the name of the restaurant.

5. P*tty’s Restaurant

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Yuck… how could anyone even dream about dining at this potty-named restaurant? People nowadays like to experiment, however, and we assume this name is also a product of experimentation.

6. Prawn Hub

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There is a very popular adult site with a slightly similar name, and the owner of this eatery must wish to take advantage of it. If you look at the punchline below the name of the restaurant, “Fulfill your desire” itself is double in the sense that it can also speak about gastronomic desire or any other pleasures. Would you like to try The Prawn Hub?

7. Lick-A-Chick

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Now this one will immediately make you hungry and that hunger could also be something else’s. Imagining anything already? It’s just a restaurant that can pacify your hunger, but can not quench any other sort of thirst. Keep your horses. Ahem ahem…. Ahem ahem….

8. Dirty Di*ks

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To know what is so dirty about it, every Tom, Di*k and Harry would like to visit this restaurant and I wonder what was going on in the mind of the person who gave this restaurant such a name that fills you primarily with disgust and is genuinely eww-worthy!