Former Miss Colombia Inspires Us As She Shares Love for Her Body, Despite Losing One Leg

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Daniella Alvarez, who has crowned Miss Colombia in 2011, has recently received the heartbreaking news that she has to cut off her left leg. And she has proven to be a powerful person, keeping a smile through the process. While she knew her life would never be the same again, she bravely said, “I am happy to be here in this world and to meet the new challenges that come into my life.”

Daniella Alvarez is more than just a beauty queen.


After her beauty pageant tenure, the former Miss Colombia, who represented her country at Miss Universe 2012, became a model, a businesswoman, a television host and a UNICEF ambassador. She runs a boutique, and she also models for her items. She didn’t know so well that she would eventually be an even bigger role model, even though she would face an unforeseen challenge to get there.

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She bravely smiled through the pain.

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Daniella had to undergo surgery not long ago to remove a tumour in her abdomen. Unfortunately, the mass disrupted the flow of blood to her lower leg, which is why she had to amputate her leg. If not, she ‘d have had constant pain, even when she’s sleeping. She was just 32 years old at the time she had received this shocking news.

Although quite probably going through her harshest encounter, Daniella’s family came through to support her. At her side was also her ex-boyfriend, Lenard Vanderaa. They ‘re her power pillar and the reason she was able to grin and bear all of it. She also looks forward to the future and hopes to get a prosthetic limb to continue dancing, biking, cycling and swimming as normal.

Her powerful words are a message of body positivity.

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Although knowing that losing her leg would affect her future, she is hopeful that the best parts of her life are yet to come. He goes on to say, “Feet? How do I need these if I have flying wings? “The former Miss Colombia told us her version of how she sees her new body in the world where body image is a major issue:” I love my body as I did before.

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