Dark Secrets Of Actor Aamir Khan: Must Check It Out


We, as humans, have undoubtedly committed several errors during our lives. It could be bad professional decisions, bad remarks, or even picking the wrong lifemate! The latest news that actor Aamir Khan is getting divorced for the second time has startled the public!


While we all believe that a person might make a mistake in choosing a life partner once, it is impossible to make the same mistake twice! Right!? And certainly not after 15 years of being together.

While we are still reeling from the news and are stunned, it makes us even more intrigued as to what could have caused it.


After being in a relationship for 15 years, one must have a compelling reason to break off their marriage. Following the recent news regarding this actor, we attempted to recall some of the actor’s dark secrets and truths.

Let’s have a look:



After making a speech on intolerance in India, the actor became embroiled in a major scandal. This enraged the audience, especially when Aamir told the interviewers that his wife, Kiran Rao, was feeling uneasy in the country and wished to relocate.


Not only that, but the situation deteriorated further when a number of politicians came forward to criticize the actor for being so unappreciative of his motherland.

But, after calming down and addressing the issue calmly, the actor stated his thoughts on the matter, adding that he considers himself fortunate to have been born in such a country and that he has no plans to leave.

The Bollywood wars

Aamir Khan is embroiled in a feud with two of Bollywood’s top actors, Amitabh Bachchan, and Shah Rukh Khan. The actor got into a spat with Big B after commenting on his film Black and claiming that Big B’s performance was “over the top!”


This enraged the actor, and Big B responded by saying that his performance in the film was so outstanding that it may have gone over Aamir’s head. That was a clever retort! Right!?

And, when it comes to his clash with King Khan, the two were once at odds over some competitive rivalry.

However, the pair’s relationship deteriorated further when Aamir Khan disclosed that he possessed a dog named Shahrukh.


He even stated his dog (Shahrukh) licking his feet on a daily basis! While delivering all of this information through a blog, the actor quickly clarified that he had nothing to do with the dog’s name. The actor claimed that the dog actually belonged to the housekeeper.

And the owners named him Shahrukh when the actor shot a commercial in this mansion a few years ago, and the caretakers got a puppy and named him Shahrukh on the spot. Isn’t it fascinating?

Award Functions

You’ve probably always wondered why Aamir Khan hasn’t attended any award ceremonies throughout the years. The actor had already made a name for himself by refusing to attend award ceremonies. According to the actor, he has no faith in award shows and prefers to avoid these phony yet authentic events!


This happened in 1991 when Aamir was nominated for a Filmfare award for Best Actor for his film Dil, and Sunny Deol competed for the same honor for his film Ghayal. Aamir was hoped to win the best actor award once more.


Sunny Deol, on the other hand, received the honor. Later, for his film Beta, he lost an award to Anil Kapoor, and then In 1996, Aamir Khan was dissatisfied with Filmfare for failing to recognize his performance in Rangeela.


Shahrukh Khan was the recipient of the award at the time for his films “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” and “Baazigar.” This infuriated Aamir, who vowed never to attend another award ceremony or accept any prize.

AIB Roast


The actor revealed his feelings regarding All India Backchod’s roast show, calling it a source of verbal violence. The actor has also indicated that he believes in freedom of speech, but that it must be exercised in a responsible manner.

Affairs and Marriages


Fatima Sheikh: Following his declaration of his separation from Kiran Rao after 15 years of marriage, the actor’s love life and escapades have been the talk of the town. When it comes to his personal life, the actor is rumored to be dating Fatima Sheikh, the co-star of his film Dangal.


When the couple was seen together on numerous occasions, holding hands most of the time, fans and the media speculated about it. Despite the fact that this had not been proved, it remained one of the rumors.

Jessica Hines


The actor was linked to a British journalist with whom he had a child! Yes, the two became close during the filming of Ghulam, and when Aamir learned that the journalist was pregnant, he recommended her to have the baby terminated and left her.


Jessica, on the other hand, refused to do so and raised her child as a single mother, even telling everyone about how Aamir abandoned her and her child!

Reena Dutt


Reena happened to be the actor’s first love and first wife. Despite having a loving marriage, the actor fell in love with Kiran Rao while filming Lagaan, and the two eventually divorced in 2002. Aamir then went on to marry Kiran Rao.

Love for Brother


Mela, a Bollywood film, may have caught your attention. Right!? If not for the fact that the actor’s real brother, Faisal Khan, appeared in the film as a second lead.]


His brother, like Aamir, was unable to achieve much success in the industry and faded into obscurity. While we do not know the cause for this, his brother Faisal Khan has accused him of holding him captive. Aamir used to compel Faisal to take the medicines in order to diagnose him as mentally ill, according to Faisal.

Aamir’s goal to be the sole heir to his father’s property was the grounds for calling him mentally insane. The situation deteriorated to the point where it became a public story.