Did ‘Animal Lover’ Anant Ambani Wear A Crocodile Leather Jacket To His Sangeet Ceremony?


We can’t get our phones off of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant because of their upcoming wedding. With the wedding on July 12, the celebrations that began with a roka ceremony in December 2022 will finally come to a close.

The pair has hosted pre-wedding parties in Jamnagar, a French cruise, and Mumbai, where they are currently having their final round of events since their roka. What has caused controversy for the youngest Ambani scion is this final stretch of the pre-wedding celebrations.

Justin Bieber was asked by the Ambanis to perform for their guests during the sangeet ceremony. Anant and Radhika posed with the singer following the show, and the photo became popular on the internet for all the wrong reasons.

Radhika Merchant looked gorgeous in a Manish Malhotra chainmail saree, while Anant Ambani was spotted sporting a red leather jacket. Fans with keen eyes have discovered that this jacket was purportedly made of crocodile skin.

Check out the post about his jacket:

Since Anant Ambani has made no secret of his affection for animals and is leading the Vantara project, a wildlife sanctuary he has constructed in Jamnagar over the years, many were taken aback by this. He was dubbed a “hypocrite” by numerous social media users as a result.
Here’s how people responded to claims that, despite his self-proclaimed love of animals, he was seen wearing crocodile leather.

It’s vital to notice that Anant Ambani’s blazer and the one in the Etsy screenshot differ somewhat. The jacket from Etsy seemed to have a zip, whereas Anant’s has buttons. Therefore, it’s difficult to determine if his jacket genuinely had crocodile leather or if it only resembled the one being compared to it remarkably.

People were making fun of Justin Bieber for his choice of clothing, a Ganji with boxer shorts showing through his track trousers, which sparked the conversation. The singer reportedly received a payment of Rs. 83 crores for her performance at the sangeet ceremony of Anant and Radhika.