Did you Know? 6 Actresses of ‘Game of Thrones’ actually Debuted their Career in Adult Movies


HBO definitely has amazing casting ways to adapt to the’ Game of Thrones’ of George RR Martin. I don’t fear taking risks and to choose the right person for the right character-remember the guy playing’ The Mountain’ (Hafthor Julius Bjornsson)? Well, before he bagged the part of’ The Mountain,’ he had never acted. If there’s one thing most people are going to agree on in’ Game of Thrones. And who could be better placed to work more honestly than the actors who are already doing it for a living?

1. Sibel Kekilli

If you’re a die-hard fan of’ GoT,’ you’ll instantly recognize the hot German actress Sibel Kekilli as Shae, the deceased mistress of Tyrion Lannister. The Lorathi girl, playing the role of a prostitute, caught Tyrion’s fancy, who began an exclusive relationship with her. Nevertheless, he discovers her in his father’s bed during his escape from the capital and kills both of them. That has been Shae’s end in the series. In real life, Kekilli is the recipient of two Lola awards (the prestigious film award in Germany) she won in’ Head-On’ and’ When We Leave’ for her performances. But before going on to acting, Kekilli made her name in the adult industry under the name Dilara and starred in nearly 12.

2. Sahara Knite

Born in England in 1975, in’ Game of Thrones,’ one of the stars of Littlefinger’s King’s Landing brothel, Sahara was cast as Armeca. Saeeda Vorajee goes to the adult industry by the alias Sahara Knite. Knite was released a little later than most in the adult industry. Working in the fashion industry as a clothing technologist for 6 years, at age 30 she wanted to become a p**n star. She has since starred in nearly 60 movies.

3. Aeryn Walker

Walker’s single appearance in the show came back when Dany was struggling to find a balance between justice and mercy in Season 4 episode’ Oathkeeper.’ That was the 15-minute success of Aeryn in Westeros but she continues to work as a po*n star. She has received rave reviews from Po*nCastle and Adult Reviews with her own website, which prides itself on its’ nerdy’ content;

4. Maisie Dee

Butie, a thirty-year-old po*n star, plays another of the brothel employees at Littlefinger. Called Daisy in the series, she makes her first appearance in one of Season 2’s best episodes,’ The North Remembers.’

5. Samantha Bentley

Samantha Bentley appeared briefly in Season 4 as one of the pr*stitutes opposite Davos Seaworth. In addition to starring on Game of Thrones, the adult film star also starred in a Wiz Khalifa music video. Back in 2013, she won the AVN award for ” Best All-Girl Group S3x Scene,” and she has around 80 adult films in her repertoire.

6. Jessica Jensen

In season three of Game of Thrones, 24-year-old Jessica appeared as an extra but then turned up on the show again in season six. She started out as an insurance saleswoman, then tried some hand modelling, eventually ended up making porn films. She won the UKAP Best Female Award during her first year in the adult film industry.