15 Striking Differences Between Grandmothers and Parents That We’ve All Noticed


Parents know all about us, but grandmothers always know a bit more about us. “What’s my favourite dish?” you ask your mother.”And she immediately tells you. She’s already cooked it when you ask your grandmother this question. And we bet that about your grandmothers, you can come up with another dozen cute things. Perhaps some of them are reflected in our pictures already?

Even before the baby is born, the difference is obvious. This is what a pregnant woman’s daily life is like through the eyes of…

After the baby is born, even in the smallest things, like changing diapers, you can spot differences.

With the food, it’s not that simple. Everybody has their own way to feed a moody child.

Did you experience this— if you want to play with a cat and you don’t want to play with it? All adults deal in their own way with the scratches.

There are different opinions about gifts from parents and grandmothers. And kids love it!

Everyone has a special way to treat a child efficiently when it’s sick.

A perfect walk is also different for everyone.

It’s easy to see who did it when it comes to hairstyles.

It’s a daunting challenge to get a kid ready for kindergarten. Who’s doing the best?

To parents and grandmothers, too, the selection process is different.

Each spends the evening in a different way after a long day with kids.

For various reasons, they get frustrated.

But whatever we do, it will always protect us from our grandmothers.

And they’re always thinking about keeping us warm, even at a cafe for dinner.

Your grandmother is the first person to support this serious decision when it’s time to move out of your parents.

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Illustrated by Anna Syrovatkina