The Biggest And Dirtiest Bollywood Scandals Of All Times

Dirtiest Bollywood Scandals, Controversies, ripples , spotlight-welcome,

Controversies of the Court create ripples and steal the spotlight-welcome to Bollywood! B-town is inconspicuous with its appreciation for dispute. There’s not a single star out there who, at least once in their career, hasn’t stirred a storm or created headlines for all the wrong reasons. Our favorite Bollywood stars continue to stay in the news with things they do and say, whether it’s their personal life, the movies they do, or the words they choose to use. While affairs and secret wars in Tinsel Town are not very rare, some actors have taken controversy a bit higher and have given us enough reasons to think about them for years to come.

Here are some of the most significant controversies of Bollywood. Check them out!

Hello! Who’s Speaking? Bips?

Dirtiest Bollywood Scandals, Controversies, ripples , spotlight-welcome,

In 2011, for all the wrong reasons, a leaked phone recording made headlines between Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu and politician Amar Singh. A woman (the actress allegedly) is calling Singh and is arranging a meeting soon. The politician, who is addressing her as “Bips,” thanks to her for reminding him of “an old man.” When the woman remarks that “age doesn’t matter,” the former leader of the Samajwadi Party quips that “age matters between the thighs.” When the tapes were released in the audience, a furious Bipasha denied all the accusations and challenged everyone to show that Singh is talking dirty to her in the recordings.

Rise, Rape, Fall

Dirtiest Bollywood Scandals, Controversies, ripples , spotlight-welcome,

Actor Shiney Ahuja had already gained the status of celebrity in Tinsel Town in 2009. With Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi, he had won the Filmfare and received a series of hits such as Woh Lamhe, Bhool Bhulaiya, Life In A Metro and Gangster. His career hit a major roadblock when he was accused of rape by his teenage maid. Although Ahuja’s wife and family claimed he had been framed, it proved that he was guilty of circumstantial evidence such as medical reports, bloodstains on the bedsheet, semen on curtains, and severe scratches on Ahuja’s hands. The maid later withdrew the charges in court, however, and said the sex was consensual. The actor was sentenced to seven years in prison despite this.

The Big Bad Couch In Bollywood

Dirtiest Bollywood Scandals, Controversies, ripples , spotlight-welcome,

A popular news channel conducting a casting couch sting operation in March 2005 was caught on the wrong foot by actor and host Aman Verma. The channel’s call recordings showed how the actor persuaded a journalist (disguised as a fighting actor and model) to visit him in his apartment on the pretext of offering her roles in a film. The videotapes that follow show him asking the woman to get up, turn around, and get closer.

Love, Sex Or Favours

Dirtiest Bollywood Scandals, Controversies, ripples , spotlight-welcome,

Actress Payal Rohtagi accused the director of movies like Love, Sex or Dhokha, and Oye Lucky, Dibakar Banerjee! Lucky Oye! To make sexual advances against her. While auditioning for one of his movies, Payal disclosed how her relationship with the director turned sour. Payal felt very low after an upsetting audition in which she had to play the role of a woman who had lost her husband, so Dibakar offered her in her apartment to visit her. The conversation turned to the character and her weight, and Payal was asked by Dibakar to lift her top and bare her stomach. The actress was so furious that she was telling him to leave.

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