9 Disastrous Problems Global Warming Can Trigger

disastrous, problems, global warming, trigger

Global warming is often used as the basis for an apocalyptic movie: on screen, the planet dies this way very often. As it turns out, these movies are not that far from reality. For the past 3 centuries, the average temperature of the air has risen by 1 degree. By the year 2050, it will probably have increased by 0.5 degrees. These seemingly small changes can actually cause serious problems for humanity.

1. Drought

This consequence of global warming is clear to everyone. Of course, not all parts of the planet are in danger — mostly the southern ones. For example, in South Africa for the past 3 years, there has been only the annual average amount of rain. This means that the inhabitants would have a smaller amount of fresh water and soil. In general, scientists say that unless we do something about the situation, the amount of fresh water will decrease.

disastrous, problems, global warming, trigger, themergingindia, emergingindia
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2. Heavy Rains

It’s amazing but this point doesn’t contradict the previous one. Because of the heat, the water will evaporate from the surface and get into the atmosphere. This may lead to us having tropical rains in most parts of the planet. And the drought problem can’t be solved by the rains: the water will just flow into lakes and rivers, evaporate from the there and the cycle will just repeat.

disastrous, problems, global warming, trigger, themergingindia, emergingindia
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3. Floods

We will have heavy rains which will lead to the rise in sea level. For many countries, this will lead to an increase in the number of floods. They are really destructive and even now, it’s impossible to control them and they always lead to tragedy. They can become even worse because of global warming. Some beaches and coastal areas will be flooded. Yes, the pictures of London and New York sinking underwater are exaggerated but they’re not so far from reality.

disastrous, problems, global warming, trigger, themergingindia, emergingindia
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4. Insects

If global warming has any advantages, it’s for insects. Thanks to the climate change, they will migrate to the northern regions where they couldn’t survive before. The number of insects will increase dramatically, so in about 30 years there will be a lot of mosquitos, spiders, ticks, and fleas. For people, this is really bad: diseases will spread, and the number of trees that insects eat will fall.

disastrous, problems, global warming, trigger, themergingindia, emergingindia
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5. Forest fires

Insects are not the only danger for trees. Because of the heat, the number of forest fires will increase. For people, this causes a lot of problems: fire is almost impossible to control, so people will have to be evacuated which costs a lot of money. Also, the fire will cause a lot of microscopic particles to travel into the air and they’ll get into our lungs. Forest fires happen quite often now but global warming may only make the situation worse.

disastrous, problems, global warming, trigger, themergingindia, emergingindia
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