Sometimes being dirty can be a good thing. Be it physically or mentally. If you want to pull out someone’s dirty thoughts, show them a double- meaning meme and wait for them to go crazy. Do you know the magic of these jokes? The double meaning and funny nature can be pulled out even from a mundane situation. These pictures are sure to crack you up even when you are at your worst.

1. Congrats, you found it

Who thought this will be a good idea for the signboard? Pictures like these can easily give you a dose of double meaning at the same being funny.

Double Meaning , Pictures , scroll,

2. Erotic temperature

What? Are we joking? If this cock-shaped cloud doesn’t bring double meaning thoughts in your mind then you are of no use.

Double Meaning , Pictures , scroll,


3. Intangible 

Double Meaning , Pictures , scroll,

If you took it as a pen holder then you are clean as a slate and missing out on the funny things of life. Double meaning pictures are not your forte.

4. What’s the stain?

Double Meaning , Pictures , scroll,

When you got a white stain on your bed and your mom asks you questions. This candy is the perfect example of double meaning pictures.

5. Do I cut it, or, lick it?

Double Meaning , Pictures , scroll,

Yes, this is the grave question that this cake possesses. If such pictures don’t bring out your double meaning skills then I don’t want will.

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