8+ Entertainers Who Retired From The Industry, But Not From Our Hearts


Even if most people are infamous and looked down upon by their profession. Such entertainers, though, do whatever it takes to meet the ends and put food on the table. If given a chance, anyone who doesn’t want to earn six figures for a day’s work. They meet millions of people every day through their work and material and achieve celebrity status. Life is full of glamour and wealth. Who would want to give it up? But for different reasons, these entertainers chose to leave their jobs.

So, look at seven entertainers who have retired from the industry, but not from our hearts.

1. Sunny Leone

Sunny is one of Bollywood’s most famous actresses now.

Sunny Leone Perfume

2. Sasha Grey

In several films like ‘The Girlfriend Experience’,’ Open Windows’,’ Smash Cut’ and ‘Would You Rather’, she has appeared. In the HBO comedy show ‘Entourage’, she also played a character.

Famous Retired Adult Stars

3. Mia Khalifa

For a very short period of time, she remained in the industry, but gained great fame and found tremendous popularity at that time. To date, her name and videos are among the most common keywords on the Internet.

Mia Khalifa Now

4. Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson Now

Jenna hailed as the queen of the industry has been called the most popular entertainer. Her career began in 1993 and changed the industry’s landscape. She’s also a wealthy entrepreneur, a model and a television personality.

5. Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers – Famous Retired Adult Stars

She worked for more than a year in the industry. Jessie has a channel on YouTube where she keeps uploading unique content.

6. Rachel Roxxx

Rachel Roxxx – Famous Retired Adult Stars

She wanted to leave the industry after becoming a mother and concentrate entirely on the family.

7. Crissy Morgan

Crissy Morgan Now

In more than 50 films, Crissy has appeared. After becoming a devout Christian, she decided to leave the industry. She tries to try to get her content removed legally from different forums and websites.

8. Tera Patrick

Famous Retired Adult Stars