8 Evening Exercises That Will Help You Sleep Like a Baby

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You get into your comfortable bed and look forward to a long night of sweet dreams… but something is wrong: you can’t just stop worrying about those deadlines, to-dos, and new ideas! And your body won’t be able to get rid of the stress built up all day long. Although falling asleep in such circumstances may seem unlikely, do not hurry to take sleeping pills. Just do some simple exercises right before you hit the sheets and you will easily see great results.

8. Sleeping limb pose

What to do:

-Lie straight on your back with your legs and arms on your sides.
-Hold the arms and legs straight, bring them up to the ceiling from the ground.
-For 60 seconds, keep the pose.
-Then relax your back and start shaking them for 30-40 seconds while keeping your arms and legs in the air until you hear the blood pulsing in your body.

Results: The posture of the sleeping limb helps calm the skin, remove contaminants, and overcome insomnia.

7. Reclined hero pose

What to do:

-sit on your knees with your hands on your toes, your head bent backward slightly, and your palms on the ground behind you with your fingers pointing toward your glutes.
-Slowly bend your body backward until you have a full stretch of your back on the surface.
-When you can’t lie completely on your knees, align yourself.
-For 30-60 seconds, hold the position.

Results: The reclined hero pose relieves the legs ‘ tiredness, decreases high blood pressure, and helps eliminate insomnia.

6. Fish pose

What to do:

-sit down straight in front of you on the ground with your arms and your hands under your glutes, palms up.
-Open your neck and shoulders and bend your forearms slowly backward.
-Relax your neck and lower your body until you touch the floor with the crown of your head.
-Hold the 30-60 second position.

Results: The fish pose helps ease chronic fatigue and boost melatonin production, the hormone responsible for sleeping a good night.

5. Nighttime goddess stretch

What to do:

-put your knees bent on your back and your arms on your sides, palms up.
-Bring together the sole of your feet and raise your knees to form a diamond shape.
-Place pillows under each of your knees if you feel the stretch in your hips is too intense.
-Live 2-3 minutes in this pose.

Results: This hip-opening pose helps reduce blood pressure, slow heart rate, and headache.