Top 10 Bodybuilders in India Who Prove India’s Mettle In Bodybuilding


There is nothing unusual about the predicament of sports other than cricket in India. Although it’s encouraging to see sports like badminton and football gain popularity, the government continues to ignore a number of other sports. Bodybuilding is one of these absolutely disregarded sports. The Indian Body Building Federation is still not recognised by the government despite having world-class bodybuilders. We express our worry about this sport.

Here is a list of the top 10 Indian bodybuilders that every Indian should be aware of.

1) Murli Kumar

Top 10 Bodybuilders in India

Murali Kumar, an Indian Navy sailor, had no notion that he would one day become a bodybuilding legend in his country. Murli began lifting when she was 35 years old, which was relatively late. Murli has been Mr India for the past two years in a row without a challenge (2013 and 2014). He also excelled at the 2012 Asian Bodybuilding Championship, which was held in Vietnam. He is currently India’s top bodybuilder as a result of all of this.

R. Murali Kumar was listed as the top bodybuilder in India in 2013.

Murli Kumar With Sahil Khan

He currently occupies the seventh position among the top 10 Indian bodybuilders. For Kumar, it wasn’t a simple task. Before to winning the title, Sangram Chougule, Maharashtra’s Top champion, gave him a tough time.

He has won Mr. India twice and the renowned Mr. Olympia title six times in a row.
Not always, Kumar was a bodybuilder. His leg fracture marked the beginning of his story. He joined a gym after the physicians advised him to develop his leg muscles.

2) Sangram Chougule

Mr India bodybuilder List

Indian bodybuilding is connected with Sangram Chougule. This 32-year-old Pune-based electrical engineer took home the Mr Universe title in the 85 Kg division in the 2012 World Bodybuilding Championship in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, he is without a doubt the victor of numerous national and international bodybuilding awards. Two pounds of fish, one pound of chicken, a lot of milk, and cooked vegetables make up Sangram’s daily diet.

Indian bodybuilders

Sangram Chougule‘s Wife

Snehal Sangram Chougule

Sangram Chougule’s Wife

3) Suhas Khamkar – India’s No 1 bodybuilder?

Indian bodybuilder list 2023

Who is India’s No 1 bodybuilder?

Khamkar is one of the most renowned bodybuilders India has ever produced. He was born and raised in a family of bodybuilders. The muscular beast has held the titles of Mr India nine times, Mr. Asia 2010, Mr. Olympia Amateur, and Mr. Maharashtra seven times. Suhas is also the first bodybuilder from India to win the Mr Asia gold medal in 2010.

Suhas Khamkar, India’s No 1 bodybuilder

Suhas Khamkar age

Suhas Khamkar age is 42 years now. he has born on 9 August 1980.

Suhas Khamkar’s Wife

Suhas Khamkar’s WifeSarita Suhas Khamkar

Suhas Khamkar Net Worth

NET WORTH: $100K – $1M, Exact net worth of suhas khamkar is not revealed anywhere on internet yet.

Suhas Khamkar government job

Amateur Olympia contest in October 2018. In the 2012 Mr. India event, Khamkar placed 1st in the 80 kg category. Khamkar was an employee of Central Railway of India.

4) Rajendran Mani

Mr india bodybuilding winners list

Mani entered the world of bodybuilding after spending 15 years in the Indian Air Force. Rajendran Mani, is one of the most accomplished bodybuilders from India, with a record eight victories in Mr India and Champion of Champions competitions. He won the 90 kg division of the Budapest, Hungary, World Bodybuilding Championship the previous year.

5) Ankur Sharma

Indian bodybuilders

This Delhi resident is being touted as India’s top young bodybuilder. Aside from a multitude of domestic medals, his most memorable victories are the Gold medal at the 2013 WBPF World Championship, Mr India 2012, and second place at Mr India 2013.

6) Ashish Sakharkar


This person is the definition of Mr India. In addition to Maharashtra, Sakharkar is revered throughout all of India.

Ashish Sakharkar Passes Away

7) Hira Lal

Hira Lal bodybuilder

Hira Lal is a strict vegetarian, contrary to popular belief that a non-vegetarian diet is necessary for bodybuilding. Together with a variety of other accomplishments, he took first place in the 65 kg division of Mr World 2011.

8) Varinder Singh Ghuman

Varinder Singh Ghuman

One of the most well-known bodybuilders on the list, Varinder Singh Ghuman, is the only one who has dabbled in acting. Ghuman, who has an enormous physique, placed second in Mr Asia and won Mr India in 2009. He is renowned for being an entirely vegetarian bodybuilder, like Hira Lal. He is also the only bodybuilder from India that Arnold Schwarzenegger hired to help him promote his health goods in Asia. Salman Khan allegedly offered him a part in his future film.

9) Amit Chhetri

Amit Chhetri Bodybuilders

Chhetri, the most well-known Gorkha bodybuilder in India, won the 2013 Champions Federation Cup. Chhetri was not only named the best in his weight group (95-100 Kg), but also in nine other weight categories ranging from 55 to 100 Kg.

10) Neeraj Kumar

Neeraj Kumar Bodybuilder 2023

Neeraj Kumar is another up-and-coming bodybuilding sensation from India. At WBPF Mr World 2013, he won a gold and a bronze medal, winning Mr India 2013.

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