8 Famous First Times in History


Everything had happened for the first time in world history. We’re not only talking about inventing the machine, but we’re also talking about the first selfie, the first Christmas tree in the Rockefeller Center and the first freedom for a woman to drive a motorcycle. Our great-grandchildren will look at photographs of the hadron collider or the first 3D printer some time ago and wonder how they were created so long ago! You’ll see the collection’s Perl in the last stage!

First Tesla, 2008

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The Tesla Roadster, also called Dark Star, is Tesla Motors’ first electric battery-powered car. Production stopped in 2012 but planned to relaunch the product by 2020.

Café Terrace at Night, 1888


This was Vincent van Gogh’s first painting in which he used a starry sky. This café really does exist and is located in Arles, France, on Place du Forum.

First artificial heart, 2015

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AbioCor made the very first heart entirely artificial. It operates on a rechargeable source of energy and AbioCor has already tested it on 15 patients but the company has stopped developing the drug.

First cell phone, 1973

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This system weighed more than 1 kg, held a charge for just half an hour, and had to hold for 10 hours. He called a rival company on the day Martin Cooper invented the world’s first mobile phone and told them he was talking on his cell phone.

First selfie, 1839

© DonTago/reddit

Robert Cornelius built on Louis Daguerre’s technology, and this picture was obtained as a result. Not only was it the first selfie but also the first distinct portrait of a man in history!

First colour photograph, 1861


James Maxwell took the first colour photo during his experiments with tri-colour technologies. A tartan ribbon is seen on the frame.

The first photograph of lightning, 1882


William Jennings first reported the natural phenomenon. The intention of Jennings was to know if lightning really had a zig-zag pattern.

The first car, 1896

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The first car built by Henry Ford in his workshop was known as a Ford Quadricycle. It ran on petrol and sat on four bicycle tires. Following this achievement, in 1903 Henry Ford decided to found the Ford Motor Company.

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