18 Famous Redheads Who Set Our Hearts Ablaze


It’s possible that our interest with red hair stems from the fact that it’s the world’s rarest hair colour. We can’t get enough of gingers, whether they have natural or painted red hair. Fortunately, there are a plethora of famous redheads to adore and be envious of.

1. Nicole Kidman’s hair is usually blonde, but we love it red!

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2. Julia Roberts can pull off any colour of ginger.

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3. Amy Adams’ original hair colour is blonde, but she made these soft red locks her signature style.

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4. Kirsten Dunst has gone ginger on several occasions, and we’ve never gotten over it.

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5. Damian Lewis is a gorgeous English gentleman with a ginger beard!

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6. In the Harry Potter series, Rupert Grint grabbed our hearts as the ginger troublemaker Ron.

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7. Jessica Chastain’s natural red hair never ceases to amaze us.

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8. Michael Fassbender’s ginger beard is so dreamy.

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9. Prince Harry is a full-fledged ginger king.

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10. Emma Stone is a natural blonde, but the ginger spirit is a fantastic fit for her.

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11. Isla Fisher’s fiery locks are the stuff of dreams.

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12. Domhnall Gleeson’s Irish gingerness is a thing of beauty.

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13. In the 1990s, Gillian Anderson portrayed the iconic Scully on The X-Files, which inspired every woman to have a red bob.

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14. Geri Halliwell, the one and only Ginger Spice, is sporting her gorgeous red hair once more.

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15. Benedict Cumberbatch has natural auburn hair, which could surprise you.

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16. Julianne Moore is the quintessential natural ginger: freckled and beautiful.

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17. Sophie Turner’s Game of Thrones-era red hair was perfect for her.

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18. Molly Ringwald was the 80s fantasy girl, and her red hair is still recognisable today.

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Do you think redheads are attractive and distinct? Which renowned ginger was left off the list? Please let us know what you think!

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