14 Famous Women Who Love Their Meaningful Tattoos


Most of us have at some point in our lives considered getting a tattoo. Some people had tattoo dreams while they were rebellious teenagers, while others had tattoo dreams later in life. In any case, famous people are simply like us. Additionally, they each have various tattoos, some of which have deeper meanings.

We made the decision to examine 14 renowned women’s tattoos more closely in order to uncover any hidden meanings.

A bird’s footprints on Emma Stone’s wrist

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Both women got similar tattoos after Emma Stone’s mother overcame a terrible illness. The bird’s tracks pay tribute to the mother’s all-time favourite Paul McCartney song, Blackbird. It’s intriguing that Paul also designed these tattoos.

The ancient Egyptian goddess Isis on Rihanna’s chest

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A tattoo of Rihanna’s that features the fertility goddess of ancient Egypt is a tribute to the singer’s grandmother. Rihanna said on her Instagram post about her grandmother’s passing, “Goddess Isis — Complete Woman — Model for future generations,” beside a photo of her new tattoo. The singer intended to convey that her grandmother is constantly in and on her heart in this manner.

Zodiac constellations on Jessica Alba’s arm


Jessica Alba received three extremely personal, simple tattoos a couple of years ago. The actress hired renowned tattooist Doctor Woo to ink the constellations of her kids’ zodiac signs onto her arm.

Honor, a Gemini, Haven, a Leo, and Hayes, a Capricorn, are the three kids that Alba has with her husband of 8 years and film producer Cash Warren.

A rose on Selena Gomez’s back

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Gomez recently explained the significance of her new rose-dripping tattoo. Cara Delevingne, her best friend, refers to her as “Rosebud” and has a matching tattoo on her ribcage.

I’ve always wanted a rose, and I finally have one that I love, remarked Selena. The same tattoo artist applied both tattoos.

An elephant on Cara Delevingne’s forearm


Nearly all of Cara’s more than 20 tattoos have secret meanings. A couple of them feature animal imagery, including the elephant tattoo she got in 2016 on her right forearm.

The meanings behind this tattoo are wealth, authority, fortune, honour, and sturdiness. Since Cara completed it in honour of her late grandma, it is crucial to her.

A flawed flower on Dakota Johnson’s hand


Tiny tattoos appear to be Dakota Johnson’s thing. She has a flower as her sixth. Dr. Woo, one of the most sought-after tattoo artists, claims that this piece is a tribute to the early 20th-century Austrian painter Egon Schiele.

Regarding Dakota, she remarked that despite some minor flaws in the design, it is still a flower, just like she is.

“I love you” on Lucy Hale’s forearm

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Along with her sister, Lucy Hale received matching tattoos. The line that the woman’s grandma had scribbled was replicated by a tattoo artist.

“Nothing says sisterly bonding more than permanently tattooing your body,” the actress posted on Instagram. We finally got our grandmother’s writing after years of requesting it! The person we loved the most, our Grammy, is now even more a part of who we are. In addition, my sister is a badass who looks after two children, instructs combatives, and runs tattoo runs with her little sister.

A butterfly on Chrissy Teigen’s arm

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The well-known television host and model is a content mother. Luna, Chrissy’s 5-year-old child, once painted a butterfly on her forearm. Teigen decided to make it a permanent change because she liked it so much.

Chrissy acknowledges that the ink is a touch sloppy and imperfect, but it will remain.

Kaley Cuoco and Zosia Mamet’s matching tattoos in the shape of paper airplanes

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Actress Zosia Mamet and The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco are close pals. They had the opportunity to perform together in the drama series The Flight Attendant a few years ago. The actresses each received a paper airplane-themed tattoo to commemorate the project’s premiere.

While Cuoco had hers tattooed on her lower leg, Mamet had hers inked on the back of her foot. “After a complete year and numerous trips together we decided to purchase a tiny keepsake,” they posted on their Instagram accounts.

“Freedom” on the back of Miley Cyrus’s palm

Elizabeth Goodenough / Everett Collection / East News, Elizabeth Goodenough / Everett Collection / East News

The provocative singer increased her collection of tattoos by one more, increasing her total to around 60. But she particularly values this one.

A few months after divorcing her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, Cyrus had the word “freedom” tattooed on her body.

A palm tree on Zoë Kravitz’s forearm

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The phrase Bahamas is inked along the trunk of a tattoo of a palm tree that belongs to Kravitz. The actress wished to respect her ancestry in this way. Her father has a residence in the Bahamas, where her paternal grandmother was born.

“When I was a kid, the Bahamas was like this amazing destination that my dad talked about a lot with so much love and passion,” Zo said in an interview with Vogue Australia.

Angel wings on Bella Hadid’s ankles

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Bella’s tiny ink is a representation of her commitment to and passion of her profession. In November 2016, Hadid allegedly got angel wings tattooed on her ankles to commemorate her debut at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“Maman” on Madonna’s wrist

The pop diva inked the word “maman” on her body at the age of 63 in memory of her future mother. When Madonna was only 5 years old, the singer’s mother passed away from breast cancer.

Madonna has already revealed that the loss of her mother had an impact on her outlook on life.

Have you or any of your buddies gotten ink that has a personal meaning for you? Describe it to us in the comments section below.

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