Five Risks of Belly Fat That Doctors Warn Us


Wherever fat appears on our bodies, we are always worried, particularly when it’s in the form of a bulge in our tummies. If you’re a lady and measure your waist size above 35 inches, or if you’re a guy and measure your waist size above 40 inches, you ‘re likely to have a large chunk of fat in your ass. This could be bad for your safety, according to physicians.

This article is intended for information purposes only. For seeking medical advice please see a doctor.

1. Higher risk of developing diabetes


Instead of excess belly fat, when the liver is filled with fatty tissue, it fails to absorb blood sugar well enough. It, in effect, stores sugar in the bloodstream, rather than the liver extracting food. This could lead you to a higher level of blood sugar that can cause diabetes.

2. Higher risk of metabolic syndrome


When you have a large waistline, developing metabolic syndrome is a risk you face. You can become vulnerable to developing heart disease, diabetes and strokes when you have belly fat and a large waistline. Individuals with a higher risk factor suggest they are more vulnerable to some of the above-mentioned diseases.

3. Higher risk of having cancer


A new study shows that a type of protein released from belly fat can turn non-cancerous cells into cancerous cells, contributing to the growth of tumours.

4. Higher risk of cardiovascular disease

Visceral fat cells in the abdomen have been shown to be able to manufacture proteins capable of constricting blood vessels, which may result in high blood pressure. These proteins can also cause arteries to clog up, making one susceptible to heart attacks and strokes.

5. Higher risk of dementia


People with a significant amount of abdominal fat are three times more likely to develop dementia, according to one study. This is often caused by visceral fat, an abdominal or deep belly fat.