16 Examples of Good Manners That Show You Are Dealing With a True Lady


It was the wives of British lords in the Middle Ages who had the title of ‘ladies.’ This term has a wider sense in today’s world. A lady in the present world is a woman who, in any case, can act decently, whether it’s a meeting with an old friend or an elite society. When she passes and looks at her with reverence, people turn around and even the most avid of cynics and skeptics can not help. True ladies, of course, have little secrets that help them remain on top at all times. A lady is ultimately a woman who, within reason, commands and gives respect.

  • A lady can accept compliments, knows that she is deserving of nice words, and she will always reply with appreciation and a friendly smile (a brief “Thank you!” is enough). In no case will she start a feigned dispute and deny the praise, which could embarrass the person giving the compliment.
  • Regardless of whether it is your friend, a parent, an infant, an adult, a waitress, or your boss, one of the key rules is to look into the eyes of the individual you are talking to. During a discussion, it is inappropriate to look at the wall, someone’s tie, or other people’s shoes. A close look in the eyes would suggest that she is focused on this discussion, is not distracted by other things, and thus doesn’t allow disrespect toward the person she is talking to.
  • Learn the correct etiquette of greetings, such as bowing or curtseying when necessary. The key concept to bear in mind is that in daily life, outside the college, the younger generation should first greet the older generation. When it comes to the job hierarchy frames, it is the person with a higher position who should first salute their subordinates, regardless of their age.
  • A lady either places her hand over one another or leaves them “locked” while sitting in a chair or in an armchair.
  • Watching her posture, both in public and when alone, is another significant rule practiced by a lady that she would never break. In any case, a straight back and shoulders are her business card. It also leads to the good health of many internal organs, not just the spine.
  • A lady may have her emotions controlled. You won’t see the eyes surrounding her face with surprise, nor will you see the grimaces of hate and rage. A smile from one ear to another isn’t something you’re going to see a real lady do, either. She still keeps in mind that she can manipulate the level of her feelings: she will mildly frown if she is particularly resentful. She can lift her eyes slightly and express her feelings with her eyes if she is super shocked. Although her face and movements are precise and moderate, a lady is always collected and cool.
  • In feelings and thoughts, hurry and anxiety are symptoms of incontinence. A woman would not allow herself, at her stage, to shake her leg, touch a tablecloth, or fiddle with her own hair lock. In actions, these markers scream that a person can’t control themselves literally. For her, it is important to prove that she is the epitome of calmness, integrity, and patience for herself and everyone else.
  • It is appropriate to put a napkin taken from a dining table on the lap, fold it in half during lunch and keep it unfolded at dinner.
  • Putting elbows on the table is not prohibited. The key thing to bear in mind is that it should be done before the meal or between the dishes during breaks.
  • It’s a personal procedure to apply perfume to the skin and it should be done alone. On 2 spots where the vessels are situated near the skin, it is best to apply perfume: the wrists, the bends of the elbows, the middle of the chest, the temples, the area 2.5-3 inches lower than the earlobes. It is also necessary to note the key rule: in moderation, everything is fine. Also, bear in mind the “rule of an extended arm,” which states that the scent of your perfume can not be felt beyond the width of your stretched arm.
  • The makeup of a high-society woman is intended to boost her natural appearance, not to “draw” a new face over the old one. The makeup artist of Princess Diana advises sticking to natural colors and paying specific attention to the skin’s color.
  • It is best to avoid mentioning the names of individuals and locations, including emails and to restrict yourself by revealing general information without information. For eg, “I was with my friend Rachel at the ‘Entrée’ cafe,” should be replaced with, “We dropped for lunch in a cafe.” Health, politics, and religion are also included in the list of undesirable topics.
  • It’s preferable to dress up in a neutral style while visiting a foreign country and ensure that your knees, elbows, and collarbones are protected. Look at their national way of dressing to understand what style is appropriate in a specific country. Be mindful of the choice of conversational topics when engaging with local people and consider the specifics of the local community.
  • When going shopping, it’s easier to wear a small amount of makeup and remove your lipstick entirely. That’s how, when trying them on, you can remove the chance of staining clothing.