Guy Asks His ‘Crush’ For Shower snaps, Gets More Than He Bargained For


If you ever met with the accident of texting to the wrong number, you know how awkward it could be. Although most people have the gratuitous letting the careless senders know that they’ve made a mistake, some are not so friendly.

This is exactly what happened to a guy named Jon, who thought he was texting a girl named Lynn. However, Jon had no idea he had hopped the ‘troll train’. As it turns out, the recipient of Jon’s messages was Michael Butane, who decided to troll the unsuspecting sender by pretending to be Lynn. The impersonator revealed who he truly is only after Jon was already at the agreed location, thinking he’s about to meet Lynn. Long story short, Jon wasn’t happy about the whole ordeal. Scroll below to see how the conversation unfolded!

If you ever had the misfortune of texting the wrong number, hopefully, it didn’t escalate into a conversation like this one.