Guy Rates His Girlfriend ‘4 out of 10’ But Doesn’t Realize She’s Right Behind Him


Raphael Aghahan’s viral TikTok video depicts the type of man women should never date. Men who believe women are envious animals because they adore Instagram photos of models should look into why. This man awarded a “10 out of 10” rating to an Instagram model image, but then gave her own girlfriend a “4 out of 10.”

You can trash-talk all you want, but you should never do it to a woman with whom you are interested in a serious relationship.

The best part about it was that he stated everything in front of his girlfriend. The man was completely unaware that she was around the entire time.

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That was well-deserved because she had witnessed her man’s behaviour when she was not around. The interrogation also revealed his true feelings about the person he was seeing, and it turned out that he wasn’t all that great to be around.

He was asked to rate an Instagram model, and he awarded her a perfect score of ten out of ten. This was acceptable; just because you’re dating doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to other people.

He did, however, add the remark, “She’s wifey material.”

The finest part was when he awarded her a “4 out of 10” rating.

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Raphael assumed he was single and inquired more. “No, no, no,” the man replied.

He also remarked that the girlfriend was “just a fast beat, and that’s it” with a meandering mentality.

She was, after all, standing behind him the entire time. That was a satisfying slap.


Yes, she gave him a 0/10. On TikTok, there have been jokes about the man, with one user noting, “Remember girlfriend is 10/10.”

“He is like a 0/10 lucky she even gave him the time of day, no respect,” another wrote. “What I want to know is if the man asking the question is single.”

The video was broken into two segments, and in one of them, Raphael demonstrates that he was smacked not once, but twice.

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