Guy Shows Bold Photo Of Disha Patani To His Grandmother For Marriage, Her Reaction Is Priceless


There is no need to introduce Bollywood actress and model Disha Patani. She formerly went by the moniker “National Crush of India” due to her adorable appearance. The actress has been immersed in an intense fitness regimen due to years of grooming and being in the business. Disha is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys showing off her lean, muscular body. She speaks for several companies.

Disha Patani Instagram

She is renowned for her striking and attractive avatar. She has millions of fans on social media and is quite active there. Disha frequently uploads sexy and provocative photos to her Instagram account. She also promotes a variety of lingerie and sportswear companies. Disha Patani looks stunning in bikinis and bodycon dresses.

The Malang actress frequently posts mirror selfies on social media because she enjoys them. One such image of her wearing lowered pants and a black bodysuit has been included in a popular video.

A Shashwat Singh-made video featuring a man offering his grandmother a picture of Disha as a potential wife went popular online.

The man can be seen in the video displaying an image of Disha standing in a black bodysuit with her trousers down. He shows his grandmother the photo and informs her that he intends to wed the woman. The internet is going crazy with his grandmom’s incredible response.

His grandma freaks out when she sees the photo since Disha is wearing provocative clothing, and she has no idea who she is. She continues by criticising her for her “Poshak” (dress) and for becoming her grandson’s wife. Even his grandson is cursed by the elderly woman for considering her for a relationship.

Disha Patani Instagram

In a later scene of the film, the man is seen persuading his grandma to agree to be Disha’s future wife. She is a well-known model and actress in Mumbai, the man explains, and she makes a lot of money. She continues to draw his grandmother’s ire, telling her, “I don’t need money, but a woman wearing clothing like that cannot be acceptable.” He makes light of the issue with her attire.

The elderly father advises his grandson to approach his mother for permission, and he continues by making fun of the fact that Disha has already been accepted by his mother. Hearing this apparently shocks the granny. When the man’s mother approaches at that same moment, she can’t control her laughing when she sees the elderly woman’s response. His grandma remains steadfast in her decision, which is a “Big NO,” even after the man claims that Disha is extremely wealthy and will offer crores in dowry.

Everyone has been giggling over this hilarious viral video. It’s important to witness his grandmother’s sincere and amusing response.

Watch the hilarious video and you’ll know what we are talking about

The video is amusing and the honest reaction of the old lady will definitely make you laugh.