10 Hacks US Navy SEALs Use That Can Help You Survive Against All Odds


US SEALs are so narrowly trained physically and mentally that at all times they know how to stay alive. We are the best when it comes to avoiding circumstances that are really hard. And, especially when it comes to survival in the wilderness, we can learn a lot from them and their experience.

1. If your hands and legs are tangled up in the water, jump down to help you get back to the ground.

When you bend your knees to the ground, then arch your back to breathe. Repeat.

2. Always look down to find clean water.

Also, try to search downhill when you run out of the water, water runs in that direction. This will help you find fresh water to avoid dehydration.

3. Visualize success when you’re panicking, and work towards small goals.

This will stop you from overthinking and increasing your survival chances when you organize yourself.

4. Arch your back when covered in mud or muddy water.

You have to lay down and arch your back when you find yourself in this situation. This will help you get more air as it gets easier to enter your lungs.