Here’s Why Sadhguru Praised Ram Charan’s Wife Upasana For Her Decision Of Not Having A Baby


Anyone choosing not to have children is always perceived as odd and quirky, especially when it comes to women. The incapacity of society to distinguish between motherhood and women results in the persistent marginalisation of certain types of women.

But now, things are changing, and more and more women are embracing this phenomenon. Numerous well-known figures are also embracing it and discussing it on public platforms. Upasana Kamineni Konidela is a recent instance of it.

Businesswoman and philanthropist Upasana Kamineni Konidela is well recognised for her marriage to Ram Charan, a well-known Telugu actor. They have been married for ten years and are one of the most beloved celebrity couples in the entertainment industry.

Upasana, the wife of Ram Charan, and Sadhguru interact


At a recent event, Upasana spoke candidly about the social pressure to have children as well as her choice not to. In response, Sadhguru, a spiritual master, praised her choice.

Upasana spoke with Sadhguru earlier this week while they were both attending the 17th ATA Convention and Youth Conference. At one time, Upasana claimed to have a secret question for him. She mentioned her husband’s most recent hit movie, RRR, and said,

“I have been very happily married for 10 years now. I love my life, I love my family but why do people find it their duty to question my RRR. RRR is my relationship, my ability to reproduce, and my role in my life. There are so many women like me who would want an answer to this.”

Rather than addressing the connection, Sadhguru chose to emphasise the second R—reproduction—in his response. He declared,

“If you stay this way, not reproducing, I am going to give you an award. I have already announced an award for all those young women, who are healthy and can reproduce but choose not to. This is the greatest service you can do right now. This is not an endangered species.”

Applauding her, he added,

“We are just too many. We are heading towards 10 billion in the next 30-35 years. Man is worried about carbon footprint but if the human footprint is reduced, there is no need to worry about global warming too. So, it’s good to see women who chose to not reproduce.”

Upasana responded to this by saying,

“I would make you speak with my mother and mother-in-law very soon.”

Watch the video from the event below

Despite being childless, Ram and Upasana have been married since 2012. In the comments section of their social media posts, followers frequently offer them advice to start a family. The couple has previously been transparent about their decision to put off starting a family.

Ram Charan also mentioned this during a press conference the year before.

source: sadguru

“As a son of megastar Chiranjeevi, I have the responsibility of making fans happy. If I start a family, I may deviate from my mission. Upasana also has a few goals. So, we decided not to have kids for some years.”

Regarding Ram Charan’s career, he has already had two movies in 2018 come out. The first was RRR, an SS Rajamouli production in which Jr. NTR also starred. The movie was one of the most well-known Indian films of all time, earning more than 1100 crore at worldwide box offices. In the most recent of his films, Acharya, he co-starred with his father, Chiranjeev. At the box office, the film was a total failure, failing to even break the $100 million mark.