Hina Khan Says ‘South Heroines are Fat’, Zareen Khan’s Reply Breaks Her Attitude into Pieces


Bigg Boss 11 contestant Hina Khan had to face the wrath of netizens and actresses like Hansika Motwani and Kriti Kharbanda for insulting and stereotyping South Indian films by saying that during her initial days inside the house people like “bulging” heroines down south.

Now, actress Zareen Khan, who was a victim of shaming body during her college days and after making her debut in Bollywood, blasted Hina for making such negative remarks, calling her ‘false.’

“I don’t really know what to say to Hina Khan. She didn’t accept a role because she was asked to put on weight … but it’s awesome because she’s an actress,” Zareen told Spotboye, adding that there are many big names in the industry like Vidya Balan and Randeep Hooda who transformed their bodies according to their respective roles ‘demand.

Zareen further said that it was entirely her decision if Hina chose to limit herself in terms of her looks. But the actress is pretty much sure that if she had been offered a project opposite a major actor or a director, Hina wouldn’t have said no to the part.

“Somehow, I think Hina Khan fake” Zareen added while talking to Spotboye.

Kriti Kharbanda has expressed her desire to slap Hina Khan for her ‘bulging’ remark earlier.

“Before that, I had a lot of respect for Hina Khan. She’s a really popular name on television. That’s not how you’re thinking about people. You should look at me, I’ve been an actress down south (and I’m not bulgy), there’s no need to (say stuff like that on national television), it’s very sad that an actor is thinking like that, and that’s an actor of that calibre too.

“I also got two offers that allowed me to put on weight. Both the films were made with big banners,” said Hina Khan in one of Bigg Boss 11’s videos that went viral after users began to circulate the clip on social media.

Although the final episode is just around the corner, it looks as if Hina would regret everything she’d said in the Bigg Boss 11 house during her tenure.