Best Hindi Dubbed Horror Movies On MX Player That Are Scary


Horror Movies On MX Player, 2023: If you consider yourself a horror aficionado with a passion for all things spooky, frightful, and enigmatic, if the thought of the supernatural, of a world beyond reason and human understanding, sends your heart racing beyond measure, then you’ve come to the perfect spot. We all know that MX Player has a huge selection of entertainment genres, including horror. This ranking alerts you to the scariest horror movies. Feeling lonely? After seeing these Hindi-dubbed horror films on MX Player, you won’t.

Hindi Dubbed Horror Movies On MX Player, Check out The List

1. Train of the dead 

While avoiding the police, five teens hide inside a train car. The people that live there now, though, are ghosts who want to take them to hell with them.

2. Battledog

A virus that transforms individuals into incredibly powerful werewolves is sweeping throughout New York. However, a poor general tries to use it to build up a powerful force.


3. 407 dark flight 

A flight attendant learns about the evil spirits that have seized control of the plane and are planning to kill everyone on board halfway through the voyage.


4. Robert the doll

She has a sneaky feeling that one of the exhibits, a creepy old doll named Robert, is alive and wreaking havoc after hours when a cash-strapped student starts working the night shift at a museum.

5. The dorm

When Vivian finds that the girl who shared her room with her inexplicably disappeared, she starts to hear voices. Her body soon goes through a considerable transformation.

6. Isle of the Dead 

Strangers struggling to survive in hordes of the dead on an isolated island.

7. Boogeyman 

When Tim was a little child, his father was taken into his closet and vanished. After his mother has passed away and 16 years have passed, he returns to his former home to learn the truth.


8. The exorcist 


Regan, a little girl, starts acting strangely after utilising an Ouija board. Chris, her mother, and an actress come to the conclusion that Regan is under the grip of a demonic force after speaking with two priests.

9. The desent part 2 

Authorities find Sarah Carter, who is covered in blood and has no recollection of what happened during the spelunking adventure. They decide to take her back to the caverns where the incident took place.

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10. Cold Skin

A meteorologist named Friend visits the far reaches of the Antarctic Circle to observe the weather. He quickly discovers himself stuck amid the island’s hazardous fauna, though.

The top Hindi-dubbed horror films available on MX Player were those. Start now and watch them!