Girl Gives Guy A Wrong Number, He Ends Up Dating A Beautiful Actress After Texting Her By Mistake


If you’re of the notion that it turns out bad to send out a fake number then you haven’t seen this post. You should know by now that the universe itself can disguise you as a blessing, and that’s what happened to a man, known as Mike, a 30-year-old. He is a teacher of English, and of Cleveland.

Mike thought he was texting a girl with whom he went on a virtual date but turned out the girl gave him a fake number. Attaching a picture of a lemon bundt cake he baked, Mike texted the kid, but curious he’s the message was delivered to Codie Higher, an actor and a singer.

Codie, 26, and Mike had a chat, got acquainted with each other very well, and reached a decision on a FaceTime date.

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Meet Codie Higer, An Actress Who Got The Unexpected Text From Mike

Mike Sent Her One Picture Of A Cake He Baked, English Teacher. Fake-numbered by a girl turned out.

The Two Started Talking. He started with quarantine questions then gave an intro about himself.

And Even Went On A FaceTime Date

Courtship is very likely in the midst of the pandemic because what you need is some creativity.

The Pair Had Another Date Scheduled.

Codie is currently living in Cleveland with her mum as a result of the pandemic. ‘We admitted how odd the situation was, and spoke about jobs, books and films. We have a surprising amount in common and there is chemistry, so far as I can tell. We both made a laugh for each other, which is a great sign.’ Codie told Elite Daily.