Homeless Ex-wife Of Baywatch Star Spotted Digging For Food In Dumpsters


Loni Willison, the ex-wife of Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson, was recently seen in pictures digging through dumpsters in Los Angeles for food while wearing a skin-tight naked top.

She was pushing a shopping cart loaded with her stuff. The star of Baywatch’s homeless ex-wife was seen rummaging through dumpsters for meals. Forty-year-old Loni Willison, who used to be married to Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson, was seen by herself searching through the trash for potentially usable objects.

Loni has been through a lot lately, and throughout the last year, it has been seen that she has gone outside on several occasions to look for food.

She is seen pushing a cart full of clothes while sporting hand bruises and a fractured finger.

Concern has been raised once again by Loni Willison, who entered a skip while sporting loose-fitting trousers and a tight long-sleeve blouse.

Her present physical and emotional well-being are under question in light of the startling sight.
Loni Willison threw herself into a skip in one of the photos, revealing her slender top and the trace of her bra.

Not matching her brown trousers and brown Converse shoes was her nude bodysuit. She covered her short hair with a red baseball cap and wrapped a white jacket and flannel shirt around her waist.

Loni had been going through the trash for a while because her hands were covered in grime.

She gathered mouthwash and other beauty supplies from the skip, keeping her shopping basket close by.

Loni smoked a cigarette and carried on lugging her stuff, which included blankets, clothes, bags, and other items when her search was complete.

She was also seen drinking from what appeared to be a Coca-Cola cup.

Dumpster diving has been observed by Loni Willison in the past. She was reportedly seen pushing her belongings along a Los Angeles street. She was seen pushing a cart full of her possessions and eating yoghurt with her hands covered in paint.

In a 2014 domestic fight, Jeremy Jackson is accused of assaulting Loni Willison, his ex-wife, breaking her ribs, scratching her neck, and causing scratches.

Willison openly attacked Jackson in 2015 when he was kicked from Celebrity Big Brother for baring his breast to a fellow candidate. Willison decided not to file a lawsuit, and the matter was closed.

Loni Willison attributed her problems in life to her ex-husband, Jeremy, in an interview.
She said it made a big difference because she was married to him and then got divorced.

She also talked about her difficulties, including a mental collapse in 2016 during which she thought someone was putting electrical currents into her body, which she could only get rid of by using crystal meth.