‘Bhai Divorce Toh Final Karlo Pehle’ Honey Singh Trolled For Hanging Out With GF Tina


Yo Yo Honey Singh is an Indian rapper and music producer who has a devoted cult following that has stuck with him despite his brief period of obscurity.

Honey Singh’s Girlfriend

The fan base’s adoration for the person is like a phoenix rising from the ashes every time he makes a comeback.

Honey Singh New Look

Recent media attention focused on Honey Singh’s ongoing divorce proceedings with his ex-wife Shalini and his currently number-one song, Paris Ka Trip. The rapper recently grabbed attention when he was seen at an event with model Tina Thadani, who is rumoured to be his girlfriend.

On the internet, the two’s images and videos are currently trending. While many Honey admirers are delighted to have a new “bhabhi Ji,” many others are poking fun at him for making his relationship public.

Model Tina was featured in Honey’s most recent song, Paris Ka Trip. Honey had previously made mentioned falling in love once more and how it was motivating him to change for the better. “I’m back in love, so that’s why. This song was exclusively written by I and I for her. The entire subject matter of my upcoming album Honey 3.0 is love and dance. Therefore, the entire album is devoted to the woman I am now dating. She gave me the moniker Honey 3.0,” he affirmed.

Shalini was Honey’s first wife. He was also charged with domestic abuse during their tumultuous marriage. Recently, the two made the decision to break up. So let’s hope he stays in love and keeps his followers satisfied with his work.