How to Write a Business Analysis Paper: The Guide for Students and Entrepreneurs


As you begin your career in the business world, there will be a time when you will be asked to produce an analysis paper for a company you work for. Many professionals and affordable expert writing services say that this paper has to provide projection as well as external and internal facts about a particular business. 

While producing this sort of paper might be second nature to some, other college and university students do struggle to produce one. If you find yourself in this position, you can hire a business paper writing service. Below is how you can produce a top-quality bang similar to that produced by a top-rated professional essay writing service.

1. Be an expert in business

This point might seem very obvious, but a student needs to be an expert in business before they can even think about writing an analysis paper. This subject is not easy and one of the most challenging a student can take on, according to various reliable professional writing services.

One has to be able to apply theory and practice when it comes to writing their essays if they want to get a good mark. The more one understands the subject, the better their paper will be when written. One has to know where to get all the information they need to back up their analysis because adding in filler content just to meet the word diminishes the quality of the paper, which is the last thing a student needs.

2. Set realistic goals 

When you are working on this paper, you need to set goals for yourself. Your tutor might ask you to look into how a business operates, its procedures, and more to see which areas they need to improve in. Alternatively, you could be asked to assess the value of a business. No matter what it is, your paper needs to have a set goal that lets readers know what it is all about. Without goals, a paper lacks authenticity and quality, which can leave readers confused.

3. Look at the company’s mission statement

If you are analyzing how a company operates across the board, you’ll need to look at its mission statement. This is a statement that lets people on the outside the values and aims of a business. When putting together your business analysis paper, you need to explain to readers how a business is meeting its aims and delivering on its promises to customers.

4. Look at the financial performance of the business 

You’ll need to look at things like yearly tax returns, profit and loss statements,  yearly budgets, balance sheets, cash flow statements, debt breakdown, and more. With this information in hand, you will be able to predict where a business will be financially both short and long term. You will also be able to highlight any current and future problems that are currently stopping or might hinder the business’s profit going forward. 

5. Look at the 4P’s 

Marketing isn’t all about promotions, public realty, and adverts. It also includes the 4P’s which stand for promotion, price, place, and product. You have to analyze the product a business has closely to see how it matches up against its rivals and how it is positioned in the market. 

An analysis needs to be done on how raising or lowering the product price can impact a business both short and long term. When looking at the product, you’ll need to talk about product cost as well as distribution channels. Lastly, when it comes to promotion, you’ll have to look into how a business gets the word out, the channels they use, and how effective they are. 

6. Talk about the business structure 

You need to look at how a business is set up from top to bottom. Look at the hierarchy from top-level management down to front-line employees. You also have to talk about health and safety measures, employee compensation, actions in place when an employee breaks the rules, and more. You need to determine if a business has the right people in place to maximize products and give them a competitive edge over its rivals.

7. Wrap things up with a SWOT analysis 

When you are wrapping up your finding, you need to put everything together by providing a SWOT analysis of the business. These are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a particular business. With this information, you should be able to make recommendations on what a should do to perform better and achieve their objectives.

8. Format the paper 

When it comes to fronting your paper, it should include a cover page, appendix, summary, main body, and introduction. The appendix needs to be properly detailed so that readers can know where to find the information they are looking for. 

Your introduction needs to be strong so that it hooks readers in, as no one enjoys reading a dull paper. The main body needs to provide detailed answers about the topic at hand. You should never submit content without formatting it because it will leave your readers confused if you don’t do it.

Final thoughts

Overall, if one sits down with legit professional essay writers for hire and asks them what they think about a business analysis paper, they will say that it is very much a very important aspect of any business. Before a student begins writing one, preparation is very important and the introduction they put in can make or break the paper. It can be the difference between shareholders reading the content or not because all they want to see is context,  not just an explanation of the problem. If you are a student studying a business course, you should know how to write this paper because you never know when you might need it. If you are struggling to put together a business analysis paper, you can reach out to experienced academic essay writers online, who will be more than happy to help.