Indian Instagram Influencers: Here’s How Rich Indian Instagram Influencers Are


Indian Instagram Influencers: We gaze at some faces more than our family members while scrolling endlessly over Instagram. They’re the Instagram influencers who keep you entertained daily. It’s natural to wonder how much they make, and you can’t help yourself. But we can, so we’ve produced a list of your favourite Instagram influencers’ net worth so you can see how wealthy they are.

Indian Instagram Influencers’s Net Worth List

1. Kusha Kapila’s Net Worth

Kusha Kapila is a well-known content writer, actress, and social media figure in India. She is most recognised for her portrayal of Billi Maasi, a fictional character. Kusha Kapila’s net worth is Rs. 20 crores.

Kusha Kapila Net Worth

2. Dolly Singh’s Net Worth

Dolly Singh is an internet sensation whose humorous videos and fashion trends have taken over social media. She also has her own YouTube channel and is a well-known content provider at iDiva. Her net worth is one crore rupees.


3. Ranveer Allahbadia Net Worth

Ranveer Allahbadia is the co-founder of BeerBiceps and Monk Entertainment, two social media companies. He’s also a motivational speaker, YouTuber, and leadership coach. His net worth is Rs. 45 crores.

Ranveer Allahbadia Net Worth

4. Saloni Chopra’s Net Worth

Saloni Chopra is an actress, model, and author from India who has performed in Hindi films and television shows. Her book Rescued by a Feminist: An Indian Fairy Tale of Equality and Other Myths will be released in December 2020. Her estimated net worth is between Rs.10 and Rs.30 crore.

5. Kritika Khurana’s Net Worth

Kritika Khurana, better known on Instagram as @thebohogirl, is a regular girl who catapulted to fame as an Instagram influencer. Her net worth is estimated to be Rs.15 crore.

6. Komal Pandey’s Net Worth

Komal uses fashion as a kind of treatment. When it comes to her clothing, she is a natural at coming up with unique ideas. Her net worth is reported to be Rs. 30 crores.

Komal Pandey Net Worth

7. Gaurav Taneja Net Worth

Gaurav Taneja is an Indian YouTuber, commercial pilot, and nutritionist known as Flying Beast. He is well-known for his fitness and gaming videos, as well as his daily life vlogs. His estimated net worth is around Rs. 30 crores

Gaurav Taneja Net Worth

8. Siddharth Batra’s Net Worth

Siddharth Batra is a social media influencer, model, actor, and Instagram fashion grooming star. He is most known for his fashion sense and has a sizable following in India. His net worth is estimated to be between Rs. 10 and Rs. 30 crores

9. Aashna Shroff’s Net Worth

Shroff co-owns The Snob Home, a home design firm, with her family and has 916k Instagram followers. Her estimated net worth is Rs. 37 crores.

10. Diipa Büller-Khosla Net Worth

Diipa Khosla is a co-founder of the Post For Change foundation and a fashion and beauty influencer. When Diipa was 17, she travelled to the Netherlands to study after growing up in a small hill town in India. Her estimated net worth is between Rs. 10 and Rs. 30 crores.

Well, that’s a lot of money.