Indian Uncut Web Series: Top 10 Indian Uncut Web Series (2024)


Indian Uncut Web Series, March 2024: Are you in search of the best Indian uncensored web series? Well, here’s some fantastic news for you, my friend! I’ve got a curated list of the top 10 Indian uncut web series that you can enjoy streaming online hassle-free. Are you ready to dive into this exciting collection? Let’s get started!

What is Uncut Web Series? – Indian Uncut Web Series

An “uncut web series” refers to a web series created exclusively for A audiences, featuring a blend of explicit, sensual, and nudity-filled content. It’s important to note that these web series are not suitable for teenagers, and we strongly advise against their viewing. In India, you must be above 18 years old to access and watch such content. We do not recommend indulging in these types of web series.

Indian Uncut Web Series – upcoming uncut web series

Here is a list of the most popular and beloved uncut Indian web series that have gained international acclaim. These rankings are based on my personal preference:

1. Wine Dine 69 (2024)

“Wine Dine 69” is an upcoming and highly anticipated web series from the Fugi App, set to release in 2023. The series boasts a stellar cast, with the gorgeous and alluring actress Pihu Sharma, alongside the charming and dashing Shakespeare, playing the lead roles. If you find yourself alone at home and intrigued by such content, you can catch this scintillating web series for your entertainment.

To watch “Wine Dine 69,” you’ll need to download the Fugi app from the Play Store and complete the registration process on the platform. Please remember to view this web series responsibly, as it may contain mature and A-oriented content. Enjoy the experience within the boundaries of your comfort and discretion.

2. Car Wash (2023)

“Car Wash” is another enticing uncut web series to look forward to on the Fugi app. Scheduled for release on 18th June 2023, the series features the talented Shakespeare and the captivating actress Pihu Sharma as the lead characters. The storyline revolves around a girl washing a car, and an unexpected encounter with her boyfriend leads to an intimate and passionate moment between them.

As with any A-oriented content, please remember that “Car Wash” may contain explicit scenes and mature themes. Viewers should approach such web series responsibly and consider their comfort levels before watching. The Fugi app provides a platform to explore diverse content, but it’s essential to exercise discretion while engaging with such material. Enjoy the series with awareness and respect for personal boundaries.

3. Choco Massage (2023)

The popular ott app Fugi has an unrated web series called Choco Massage. On the Fugi app, this web series was made available on June 9th, 2023. Shakespeare plays the lead part in Choco Massage, which features voluptuous actress Pihu Sharma. This is the tale of a couple that is passionate about chocolate. They give each other chocolate and Cadbury massages. Only watch this if you’re by yourself.

4. Dost Se Pyaar (2023)

A romantic online serial called Dost Say Pyaar is available on the Indian ott app Fungi. Shakespeare and the seductive actress Pihu Sharma are both used as lead actors in Dost Say Pyaar. The online series debuts on May 28, 2023. The protagonist of this tale develops feelings for her male best friend. Is her love story a happy one? To find out what happens, listen to Dost speak “Pyaar” on the Fugi app.

5. Harami Zamindaar (2023)

The newest web series from one of the most well-known OTT apps, Moodx, is called Harami Zamindaar. The release day for this web series is August 6, 2023. Ravi Goswami, Alka Raaj, Akhilesh Yadav, and Rekha Verma play the key characters in Harami Zamindaar. The tale here concerns a village where one of the landowners is relocating. When he desires, he molests his local girl. Each episode of the three-episode web series Harami Zamindaar lasts between 20 to 30 minutes.

Indian Uncut Web Series

6. Masti X (2023)

“Masti X” is a highly renowned web series available on the Moodx app. Starring a talented cast including Pihu Sharma, Shakespeare, Alka Raaj, Sumit, and Sameer in the lead roles, the series is set to release on 24th June 2023 exclusively on the Moodx app. “Masti X” unfolds the story of a man who becomes infatuated with a girl he encounters at a hotel. Their relationship eventually leads to marriage, but after tying the knot, he discovers unsettling information about her affairs.

To uncover the complete narrative of “Masti X,” viewers can enjoy this web series on the Moodx app. To access the series, simply download the app from the Play Store and complete the registration process using your mobile number.

As with any A-oriented content, it’s important to approach “Masti X” responsibly and consider your own comfort levels before watching. The Moodx app offers a platform to explore diverse content, but viewers should exercise discretion while engaging with such material. Enjoy the series with awareness and respect for personal boundaries.

7. Dalal X (2023)

Another unedited web series from the well-known app Moodx is Dalal X. The 16th of May 2023 will see the launch of this web series on the official Moodx app. Alka Raaj, a well-known adorable and beautiful actress, Pihu Sharma, and Shakespeare play the key characters in Dalal X. The protagonist of Dalal X visits a coffee shop and discovers a couple there. He abducts her after focusing on a couple. He takes her to a motel where they indulge his bodly urges together. To understand more about this person, use the Moodx app and the Dalal X web series. Each episode of the three-part web series Dalal X lasts roughly 25 to 30 minutes.

8. Leather Currency 2023

The Moodx app has a popular web series called Leather Currency. The debut of this online series is set for May 16, 2023. There are three episodes in this web series, and each one lasts about 25 minutes. Gargi, Raaj, and Aakash play the main characters in the movie Leather Currency. This is the tale of a man who marries just one woman. Then, every night, he sells his wife for cash.

9. Ooyo Kaand (2023)

The most well-known unrated web series from the Moodx app is Ooyo Kaand. Shakespeare, Pihu Sharma, Alka Raaj, Sameer (nikk), Ankita, and Neha Hazzel are the main actors in this web series. The Ooyo Kaand app will launch on May 2, 2023.

This is the tale of a car driver who also abducts children. He observes the couple’s love moments as they are riding in his car from the rearview mirror. He abandons the couple and then pursues the girl, kidnapping her. He sells these women to influential customers. Ooyo Kaand is a 4-episode web series with an average running time of 25 minutes.

10. Sasur Harami (2023)

The Moodx app features the uncut web serial Sasur Harami. On the Moodx app, this web series was made available on March 17, 2023. In the family drama Sasur Harami, the father and two brothers share a home with their spouses. One of the younger brothers travels for work. The father-in-law approaches her wife while she is by herself at home and tries to intimate her. She initially steers clear of him but eventually cannot.

The wife of the oldest brother sees them together and tells her husband everything about her. She was caught with his father when he returned from a business trip. Sasur Harami is a 3-part web series with a 25–30 minute running duration for each episode.