Inside Pics Of Mandira Bedi’s Lavish Beach Villa Now Available For Rent On Airbnb


Mandira Bedi, a Bollywood actor, and fitness enthusiast has worn several hats as entertainment, including lead actor, host of the ICC Cricket World Cup, and various other events. She recently became an Airbnb host, redecorating her Mumbai vacation home, which she had previously used as a set location, actress, designer, and television presenter, and listing it on the platform. She has made her Madh Island property available for rent.

“Every production team that came in added their own components to it and painted over immediately before they left,” Mandira explained. “I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into the home over the last few months and completely rehauled it: from the paint on the walls to the filtration system in the swimming pool,” she continued.

Photo Credit: DNA India

Airbnb India has revealed that Mandira Bedi has become a host by renting her vacation house in Madh Island, Mumbai. For a shot, the actor posed against the backdrop of her lovely villa. “I am amazed to hear about women who are working hard, pushing stereotypes, and earning financial freedom to become successful entrepreneurs supporting themselves and their families,” Airbnb wrote on its official Twitter account. Their journeys have tremendously impacted me.”

Mandira also announced to her friends and followers on Instagram that she will be participating in a virtual event for Airbnb. “All set to rock and roll for a virtual event for one of my favourite brands: @airbnb — wearing the #airbnb orange,” she captioned a photo of herself at home in an orange dress and white stilettos.


According to The Free Press Journal, the residence has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a pool. In photos provided by a media outlet, Mandira can be seen standing on the doorstep of her home. French windows are designed in the rooms to allow fresh air in. Teal-colored couches accent the space, giving it a splash of colour. Mandira Bedi spent a lot of time and effort remodeling this seaside property.

“The bougainvilleas all around the property, which also give the home its name, are the one constant in this 14-year-old purchase,” Mandira remarked. I’d like to think that the rich use of color is the first thing that people notice when they walk inside the house.” “The home’s decor reflects my personality, and Bougainvilla’s mood and tone are warm, pleasant, and wonderfully welcoming,” she continued.

Take a peek at Mandira Bedi’s incredible work:

The Living Room

Photo Credit: Free Press Journal

The living area is light and airy, with pink and blue hues in the cushions and neutral tones as accents. There is a secluded workstation with a study table and a library, as well as a daybed in the corner where you can relax. There is also a 6-seater table where people can congregate. Chaitali Kandalkar and Avni Undevia, a team of two interior designers, were instrumental in redesigning the property with technical aspects.

The House’s Overall Design

Photo Credit: Architectural Design India

There are two master bedrooms in the house, one on the first floor and the other on the ground. A gorgeous four-poster bed and a gold-and-purple colour scheme can be seen in the master bedroom below. “The four-poster beds we have in two of the bedrooms are one of my favourite components of the home,” Mandira remarked. “It never occurred to me to add four-poster beds as part of the design when living in Mumbai,” she continued, “but Bougainvilla’s high ceilings made it conceivable to explore with this historical furniture style.” She also mentioned that the restroom in the room is her personal favourite.

Photo Credit: Architectural Design India

The ground-floor second bedroom has an ocean blue colour scheme and faces the sea. The third bedroom has an orange and red colour scheme. “Some of the work I did during the lockdown is displayed on the walls in this room,” Mandira says. She considers the fourth bedroom to be the second master bedroom. With a green leather sofa and a four-poster bed, the room’s colour palette is green.

Photo Credit: Architectural Design India

“Some of the art that used to hang in my Mumbai home now hangs on the walls of this room,” she explains. The bedroom also has access to the house’s largest bathroom, which is grey in color.” “I used yellow Jaisalmer stone for the flooring and exteriors for the majority of the house,” she continued. Several such personal touches can be found around the house.” “Whether it’s the portraits in the hallway or the sparkly, sheer drapes created from Banarasi sarees from my own business,” she continued.

Feel Of Conscious Living

Photo Credit: Travel + Leisure India

Mandira’s trip photos on Instagram reveal that she is an environmentally conscientious traveler. “One of the things I was conscious of while constructing the home was to upcycle as much as possible,” she explained. “For example, we have a teakwood cupboard that my husband and I built together for our first home nearly two decades ago,” she continued. I had it refinished and polished for use at Bougainvilla, and it currently functions as a poolside sideboard.” On the grass, there is also a trampoline for the kids. Previously, the house’s flooring was made of sleeper wood. The monsoons, on the other hand, wrecked it. It has since been replaced with a lovely mustard-colored Jaisalmer stone.

A Peaceful Haven

Photo Credit: DNA India

Madh Island has a reputation for being secluded. That’s why Mandira suggests hanging out in one of the many shacks or relaxing on the beach. “If you are a film aficionado, I would absolutely recommend a trip to the Madh Fort,” she says. “While you may require permission to enter this Air Force-controlled fort, it has amazing views of the creek and has served as the backdrop for several Bollywood films and television series over the years,” she continued.

“For my admirers who are reading this, I would want to emphasize that Bougainvilla will show them a side of my personality that they may not have seen before,” she stated. “The half that enjoys doing interiors and playing with art and colours,” she continued.