Internet Users Showed How Much Their Look Changed After They Fixed Just One Detail


Cindy Crawford wore braces during the end of the 1990s and even appeared in a Pepsi ad with them. People were stunned at the time. Braces, on the other hand, have become somewhat fashionable in recent years. Only the bravest people, however, acquire braces today because it takes years for their teeth to migrate to the proper areas and positions. However, when you see your Hollywood smile in the mirror, all of the difficulties become completely worth it.

1. “This grin took a lot of hard work from great doctors, two years of patience, a lot of money, and a few restless nights due to the pain.”

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2. “I got my braces off today.”

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3. “The power of braces should never be underestimated…”

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4. “As a child, my single mother couldn’t afford braces for us. As a result, when I obtained a job, I started saving and paying for them myself. “It was the most rewarding decision I’ve ever made.”

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5. “4 years difference… Amen for braces!”

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6. “I just had my braces off after almost two years.”

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7. “After more than 2.5 years, the transition is finally complete.”

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8. “I had my braces removed yesterday, and here are the before and after pictures!”

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9. “I can’t believe I’m putting this on the internet.” But, after eight years of treatment, ten teeth extractions, surgery, and two rounds of braces, I am now happy with my smile.”

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10. “My smile hasn’t changed much in my situation; the upper teeth were fine, but what they did with the lower teeth is pure magic.”


11. “I couldn’t get by with braces alone, so I had to get four veneers on my top teeth once they were removed. The problematic teeth are now barely visible in photographs.”


12. “After two corrective double-jaw operations, my braces came off today, and I’m finally delighted to grin at 28!”

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13. “I finally got my braces off after 9 years of hard effort! I couldn’t help but smile.”

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14. “Tweezers, cosmetics, and braces are all credit to God.”

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15. “I’m happy I got braces!”

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16. “I had braces for 2 years, 11 months, and 20 days. It was well worth the wait!”

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17. “Let us thank God for braces!”

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18. “Just got my braces off! Before and after!”

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19. “I’d like to thank braces in particular for everything they’ve done for me; I really appreciate it.”

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20. “Free of my braces!”

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21. “Why do people need braces? This is why!”

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22. “How braces can transform a smile!”

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23. “Hopefully some inspiration for anyone considering braces…”

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Are you satisfied with the appearance of your teeth? Maybe you had braces as well? Share your thoughts and experiences — firsthand knowledge is always the best!

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