Is Victoria Sugden Leaving Emmerdale? What Happened To Her And Where is She Now?


The question on many curious fans’ minds is whether Victoria Sugden is leaving Emmerdale. Victoria Sugden, a beloved fictional character in the long-running British soap opera Emmerdale, has had a rich history on the show and holds the distinction of being the longest-serving female character. Her presence has captivated audiences since her debut decades ago.

However, recent rumours and speculations have stirred uncertainty among fans about whether Victoria is saying goodbye to Emmerdale. This article aims to delve into the details surrounding her character’s future on the show and also shed light on other notable departures expected in 2023.

Is Victoria Sugden Leaving Emmerdale? What Happened To Her?

No, Victoria Sugden is not leaving the long-running soap opera Emmerdale. There have been no developments in her character’s departure, and many storylines are still in store for her.

As of the latest updates, there is no official news regarding Victoria Sugden’s exit from Emmerdale. Isabel Hodgins has portrayed the character of Victoria since 2006, and her character has been through a wide range of dramatic storylines over the years.

Victoria has undergone significant character development on-screen, from surviving an explosion she inadvertently caused to enduring psychiatric care, dealing with bullying, navigating romantic entanglements, and facing harrowing experiences.

Her relationships with characters like Daz Eden, Adam Barton, and Matty Barton have added depth to her character. A pivotal moment in her character’s journey occurred when she became a victim of rape in April 2019, leading to her pregnancy and the birth of her son, Harry.

Despite the challenges she has faced, fans can rest assured that Victoria Sugden will continue to be a part of the soap opera. It’s important to note that rumours about other Emmerdale characters’ departures may have led to questions about Victoria’s exit.

Emmerdale’s Notable Departure In 2023

In 2022, Emmerdale marked its 50th anniversary, which was filled with numerous character deaths and farewells. As viewers gear up for more exciting plot twists, it becomes crucial to keep abreast of the characters who will be saying their goodbyes in 2023.

David Metcalfe

One such departure is that of David Metcalfe, portrayed by actor Matthew Wolfenden. Having graced Emmerdale’s screens for almost two decades, Matthew has made the difficult choice to step away from the show. Despite feeling a bit nervous about this major decision, he firmly believes that the timing is right for him to explore new opportunities.

It’s worth noting that David Metcalfe’s departure won’t involve a tragic on-screen exit, leaving the door wide open for his potential return in the future. His exit storyline will primarily revolve around his intricate relationship with Victoria Sugden.

Bernice Blackstock

Another character, Bernice Blackstock, portrayed by Samantha Giles, sparked rumours of her departure during the summer. Reports from The Sun suggested that Samantha had informed the show’s producers of her decision to move on. However, her upcoming role in the Christmas production of Cinderella at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford doesn’t necessarily confirm her exit from Emmerdale, and the fate of Bernice Blackstock remains uncertain.

In summary, while Emmerdale has seen several departures, Victoria Sugden, the show’s longest-serving female character, is not currently slated for departure. On the other hand, characters like David Metcalfe and Bernice Blackstock may bring new twists and dynamics to the ever-evolving storyline of this beloved British soap opera. Emmerdale fans can anticipate an exciting future as these departures shape the show’s narrative.