Jaal Web Series Cast (Primeplay Web Series), Release Date, Watch Online 2024


Jaal Web Series: The newest web series from the well-known OTT app Primeplay is called Jaal. Deepali Bhabar plays the primary protagonist role in the web series. The series is available in fantasy, drama, and romance genres.

Jaal Web Series Story

The protagonist of Jaal is a jobless boy named Raunak, whose father constantly chastises her for not finding employment. He works so hard, but he never gets hired. He visits his friend, who owns an adult video agency, one day.

Jaal Web Series StoryLine

Raunak resisted his friend’s demands that he join his business and start producing sexy films with his girlfriend Nisha. Runak’s father is taken to the hospital after suffering a heart attack one day. Raunak requires six lakh rupees to pay for his father’s surgery.

Once more, he approaches his pal and requests money. His pal makes another employment offer to his company. This time, Raunak accepts the offer and goes to his girlfriend’s place to complete the task. Will Nisha take Raunak up on his offer? To learn every aspect, watch the Jaal web series exclusively on the Primeplay app.

Jaal Web Series Cast

  • Deepali Bhabar
  • Jonita D’cruz
  • Tripti Bera
  • Priya Roy

Jaal Web Series Release Date

The teaser states that the Jaal web series will debut exclusively on the Primeplay app at midnight on February 16, 2024. There are three episodes in the series, each lasting roughly twenty-five minutes.

  • Deepali Bhabar
  • Jonita D’cruz
  • Tripti Bera

Jaal Web Series Wiki


Q: When was the Jaal web series released?

A: The Jaal web series will be released on 16 February 2024.

Q: who is the female lead in the Jaal web series?

A: Deepali Bhabar will be the female lead in the Jaal web series.

Q: How to watch Jaal web series free online

A: Download the Primeplay app from the Play Store. Register with your mobile number and watch the Jaal web series.

Q: on which platform was the Jaal web series released

A: The Jaal web series was released on the Primeplay app.