Jackie Shroff Gives Bindass Reply To Trolls Who Compare Tiger Shroff To Kareena Kapoor


When people refer to him as Tiger Shroff’s father, veteran actor Jackie Shroff beams. Tiger is also pleased with himself for forging his own route and becoming “the youngest action star” by the age of 26.

Many netizens criticised Tiger Shroff’s appearance when he made his Bollywood debut with Heropanti. There were several jokes on Tiger Shroff’s beardless look, all of which compared his face to Kareena Kapoor Khan’s. His face has been compared to Kareena Kapoor Khan’s.

Tiger, on the other hand, never lost his cool over a meme. Over the years, he’s managed to champion all of this, with notable performances in films like Baaghi, Student of the Year 2 and War. Jackie Shroff, his actor-father, son’s has a message for the trolls.


Jackie Shroff addressed the nepotism controversy for the first time and spoke about it. He said in an interview with the Times of India,

“We hear about nepotism in Bollywood, where celebrity children become stars as a result of their parents’ connections. That is a more difficult task for them. Tiger was carrying the weight of expectations from my 220 films. He needed to escape out from under his father’s shadow.”

Jackie continued by comparing his journey to that of his son Tiger, saying,

“Because his father is an actor, there will always be parallels.” People had no expectations of me because my father was an astrologer. Of course, I didn’t have it easy either. We had Bachchan sahab, Vinod Khanna, and Dharmendra in the 1980s, so I was fortunate to be welcomed, and I hit the jackpot right away with my first film Hero (1983). Every generation faces its own set of problems.”


Trolls who have insulted his son and actor Tiger Shroff’s appearance have also been chastised by Jackie Shroff. According to the renowned actor,

“In terms of the macho macho contrast, he is a young man. He’s still developing. For God’s sake, he’s a cub, and he’s getting there. I’m also relieved that he doesn’t appear to be what people expect him to be. Toh daadhi ke saath hi pait se bahar aayega kya? Matlab Jackie ka bachcha hai toh daadhi ke saath hi pait se bahar aayega kya? (Just because he’s Jackie Shroff’s kid doesn’t imply he’ll grow a beard.)”

Trolls comparing him to Kareena Kapoor Khan have swamped the internet with memes. “, he explained.

“Having Kareena compared to me!” haha And you should see his responses to those memes and parallels. He was unconcerned about it. He was well-versed in his actions, so he knew he looked like a Tiger when he battled or danced on film. When a man is good at action, it’s difficult for him to dance well. But he excels at both.”


Tiger Shroff had previously responded to trolls who claimed he looked like a lady when appearing on Arbaaz Khan’s show Pinch 2. “, he explained.

“I remember when my first film was released, people saying ‘ye Ladka hai ya Ladki,’ and people commenting on my face and saying I looked like a woman. Then they come across my body! Humans adore me for my movement sceneries and other such things. I’m fine as long as I’m receiving affection from my admirers. I’ve opted to carve myself my own niche in Bollywood, and I’ve chosen a different path for myself. There are obstacles to overcome when attempting to build something unique, but I am up to the task.”

Tiger then went on to say,

“In terms of trolling, it’s sometimes terrifying how a nameless, faceless person can wish to say anything against everyone without being discovered!”

Tiger Shroff/Instagram

Tiger Shroff is ready to amuse his fans with three new films this year, according to his official website. Baaghi 4, Heropanti 2, and Ganapath will all include the actor.