Celebrities Caught On Camera While Secretly Staring Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


When you are a politician, you are instantly the focus of people’s attraction. And becoming prime minister of a country such as Canada is a very strong position itself. The new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not only known for his strong role but also for his good looks. O, good! It’s not only the public who loves Justin Trudeau’s good looks, but even the celebrities have been caught watching him secretly.

Sure, you can’t conceal anything for long in this age of technology. Many celebrities were caught when the glamorous Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was secretly looking at them.

Scroll down and have a look at the celebrities who were caught while staring Canadian Prime Minister.

1. Kate Middleton

That’s Kate Middleton, the UK’s Duchess of Cambridge. She fiddles her head as if a girl from a young school were meeting her crush. And Kate’s sheepish grin shows it all anyway.

2. Ivanka Trump

The image was taken during one of the most famous activities at the White House when Ivanka met Justin. You will see how this beautiful Canadian prime minister inspired this powerful lady herself.

3. Donald Trump

And even Donald Trump, like Ivanka, can not neglect PM Justin Trudeau here.

4. Queen Rania Al Abdullah 

A video from a United Nations meeting. What an eye!

5. The Queen of England

Well, well. The Queen of England gawked too.

6. Barack Obama

When your co-chair is a lot more appealing than your phone.

7. Emma Watson

We all can see in Emma Watson eyes.