Kamalika Chanda Web Series March 2024 Watch Online


Kamalika Chanda Web Series: India’s most well-known web series actress and model is Kamalika Chanda. At the beginning of her career, Kamalika worked in Bengali films. “Miss Teacher (2016)” is her most well-known film. Kamalika is becoming more noticeable in the online series.

Kamalika Chandra

Kamalika Chanda, an Indian actress and model, primarily appears in web series and Hindi and Bengali films. She was born on October 6, 1992, to Bengali parents in Kolkata, West Bengal. Her attention was drawn by her roles in the 2019 film Miss Teacher, Rasgulla. Throughout her career, Kamalika Chanda has portrayed a variety of attractive characters, showcasing her flexibility and range as an actress.

Kamalika Chanda Hot Web Series

She has experience with well-known OTT applications like ullu, Kooku, Rabbit, etc. Below is a list of some of Kamalika Chanda’s most well-known web series.

Mastram Web Series MX Player

Kamalika Chanda Web Series Watch Online (March 2024)

Mastram is a well-known MX player App web series. This is Rajaram’s story as a writer. Mastram is the common name for Rajaram. He composes Romantic fiction.

Kamalika Chanda made an appearance in the first episode of this web series. She was a minister’s secretary in the play. Only the first episode included her.

Pathshala Rabbit Web Series

Kamalika Chanda Web Series

One of the most well-known rabbit app web series is Pathshala. This is the account of a biology instructor who holds private lessons in her home. He is the place where all of the village’s kids go to study. To learn more about this tuition and education, view the Pathshala web series.

Miss Teacher (Movie)

Kamalika Chanda Web Series Watch Online (March 2024)

The setting of “Miss Teacher” is a college where Rose Dey, a new teacher, begins her course of study. Rose is beautiful. Rose’s desires are her biggest issue. She begins an affair with college student Tanvesh. Keep an eye on Miss Teacher to find out what happens next.

My Darling Web Series

Kamalika Chanda Web Series (March 2024)

The protagonist of “My Darling” is a housewife who feels unloved by her husband. She has a relationship with a boy to fulfil her yearning. To find out what happens next in the My Darling web series, watch it.

Sautele 2022 (Primeplay)

Kamalika Chanda Web Series Watch Online (March 2024)

This is the tale of an elderly guy whose wife must have passed away a very long time ago. He begins to like a girl and develops feelings for her. They both marry. They are aware that a guy has a son and a woman has a daughter after marriage. The two stepbrothers and sisters are at odds with one another. To find out what happens next, simply use the Primeplay app to watch the Sautele web series.

Yes Mam 2023 (Hunters)

Kamalika Chanda Web Series Watch Online (December 2023)

This is the tale of a brand-new female instructor who joins a cutting-edge college. This teacher has a stunning and attractive appearance. The female teacher’s artwork captivates the college’s male students. Watch the recently released web serial Yesmam from the Hunters app to find out what will happen next.

Ranjish 2023 (Hunters)

Kamalika Chanda Web Series Watch Online (March 2024)

This is the tale of a married couple and the home they share with their little daughter. Between a husband and wife, there is no love. Every time the husband craves pleasure, his maid satisfies his urge. The couple’s lesbian daughter. The daughter also satisfies her need for physical satisfaction with the housemaid.

Ilaaj Primeplay Web Series

Ilaaj Web Series, Part 1 Online streaming now. ‘Ilaaj Part 1’, a new series from Primeplay App, was made available. The cast of Ilaaj Part 1, the film’s release date, the actress’s name, and a link to view it online are all listed here.

Malvika Tomar and Kamalika Chanda were chosen as the major leads for the web series. Their stories are intertwined because Malvika Tomar, a nurse at the hospital, delights patients with her special services. Meanwhile, Kamalika Chanda portrays the instructor who supervises a large number of interns while they do medical procedures.

Ilaaj Web Series Cast

  • Malvika Tomar
  • Priya Roy
  • Kamalika Chanda