8 Times Kartik Aaryan’s Humility Won Over His Fans


Kartik Aaryan’s fame has undoubtedly increased since the release and success of Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. His humble demeanour has also been winning a lot of admiration from people, in addition to his performances.

The actor has been praised for being incredibly down to earth for his public demeanour and interactions with his fans as well as his decision to stay true to himself in all circumstances.

1. When the actor chose to eat at a roadside stand to mark the success of Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2.

He didn’t select to eat at a posh restaurant; instead, he went with his gut instinct. No pretentiousness was present at this time. We’re prepared for it, too!

2. When he talked about his difficult days in Bollywood.

Kartik Aaryan discussed his time living with 12 other flatmates on an episode of KWK. He also discussed how he used to search for auditions on Facebook and Google and travel long distances for them. It just goes to show how hard the actor worked to earn his current position.

I used to type keywords like actors required and casting calls on Facebook and Google and then go from New Bombay to Bombay to stay close with the industry. 

                    – Kartik Aaryan told Karan Johar

3. Then, in true desi child fashion, he purchased his parents a car.

Using your hard-earned money to buy your parents a car or a brand-new home appliance is the height of desi kid behaviour. He has his priorities in order, obviously!

4. When a celebrity appeared on Koffee With Karan and brought Pinni.

The actor chose to bring a box of pinni that his mother ordered for Karan Johar on a Koffee with Karan season 6 episode. I’m at a loss for words if that isn’t the cutest, homeliest thing ever!

5. How he always makes the decision to treat his supporters kindheartedly.

There have been numerous occasions when the actor has greeted his admirers with a smile and the utmost civility. Kartik Aaryan always chooses to meet people with love, whether he is taking photos with children or dancing with his fans.

6. when he gave a CISF official a warm welcome at the airport.

No matter who they are (or who you are, for that matter), greeting everyone with the same enthusiasm and etiquette is a pretty clear indication of how courteous someone is.

7. when the performer chose to go in business class.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

He assertively stated that the business class ticket was excessively pricey as an FYI. I’m not sure what else qualifies as being humble if not that!

8. When news broke that he had increased his rate following the success of Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, he had this to say.

He certainly excels at maintaining his composure even after experiencing success. ‘Teach us your ways, please.’