Kids in China Return To School With Home-made Social Distancing Hats


The pandemic that triggered the country shutdown has put an end to all of the activities that involved moving out of the house. All the stores, schools, hospitals, businesses, malls, etc. have been closed to prevent contact between people crucial to stop Coronavirus spreading. China, which was the epicentre of this pandemic, is taking numerous creative steps to escape contact, and in an effort to do so, the country’s children returned to their school wearing these special, home-made socially distant hats.

More Info: Asia Wire

As restrictions on Coronavirus have eased in China, the public has begun to return to their respective places of work and study. As the country reportedly regulated the spread of the disease, the small children were also permitted to go to their classes.

As a result, the kids were seen wearing some unusual social distance hats that had a fan-like structure, helping them keep other people at a distance and thus avoiding direct communication with fellow friends and teachers as well.

Even though the schools in China were permitted to open after several months, there were several stringent steps that had to be followed compulsorily to make this work. All the children were required to wear protective equipment such as surgical masks and carry sanitizers, as well as teachers and other staff. Also, a requirement was the social distancing hats worn by these graduates.

The hats have been fitted so it will keep you one meter away from others. These children’s pictures wearing the special hats went viral on the internet and everyone praised their efforts and humour to fight this pandemic.

The school’s Vice-Principal told local media, “It was our own innovative idea. It allows us to spread our slogan: ‘Wear a one-meter hat, keep a distance of one meter.'”