Ok or Not? A Woman Was Banned From Boarding Her Flight for Wearing a Bikini


A 21-year-old woman recently recounted a frustrating experience where she was denied boarding a flight at the gate because of her outfit, which happened to be a bikini. She shared her side of the story, but still found the situation unjust, leading to a lively discussion on the internet.

Kine-Chan, a Brazilian model and cosplayer, dressed up as the character Rebecca from the 2022 anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Her attire included a black bikini, a blue wig, and black sandals, as she was planning to attend an event. However, when she arrived at Navegantes Airport in Brazil to catch her flight, she claimed she was prevented from boarding due to her attire being deemed “inappropriate.”

Chan took to Instagram to recount the incident, providing insight into her decision to don the revealing outfit. She expressed her frustration, writing, “This weekend, I had a very frustrating experience. I attempted to board my flight at Navegantes airport dressed as Rebecca’s cosplay for an event. I was aware that I might be running late, so I chose to wear this outfit to save time and head straight to my destination. However, I was instructed to return home and change my clothes because my attire was deemed ‘inappropriate.'”

In the comments section of her post, her followers offered a range of opinions, creating a mixed reaction. Some individuals felt that Chan’s choice of outfit pushed boundaries, with one user stating, “Kine, I adore you, but you could have opted for an easier-to-wear outfit, such as a loose-fitting dress or even a button-down blouse.”

On the other hand, there were supporters of Chan who disagreed with the airport’s decision. One person commented, “It’s truly disheartening to hear that the airport denied you, a talented artist, the opportunity to express yourself through an incredible cosplay like Rebecca’s. Freedom of expression and creativity should always be encouraged and respected.”

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