14 Lesser-Known Siblings Of Bollywood Celebrities Who Stay Away From Limelight


Being in the spotlight is an important aspect of Bollywood celebrities’ lives. The majority of their information is in the open. We learn about their families through them, however, some Bollywood celebs’ siblings have shied away from the spotlight and have kept a quiet profile. Some of them opted to be “loners” in the world of media, while others are just unknown due to their chosen career.

Below is the list of Bollywood siblings who are not known by many:

1. Disha Patani’s sister Khushboo Patani

She is Disha Patani’s sister, as we already know from her surname. Khushboo is a fitness fanatic who appears to be in the army. She frequently posts videos of herself working out in the gym on social media. This implies that she enjoys staying in shape and that she is required to do so by her career.


2. Amrita Rao’s sister Preetika Rao

Amrita and her sister Preetika Rao are frequently mistaken for twins, however, they are not. Preetika has appeared in shows such as Beintehaan and Love Ka Hai Intezaar on television.


3. Shah Rukh Khan’s sister Shahnaz Lalarukh

King Khan’s sister has always kept a modest profile. She despises the media and isn’t very fond of it, thus she is rarely in the spotlight.


4. Bipasha Basu’s sister Bijoyeta

Bipasha Basu’s younger sister is Bijoyeta. She has a passion for modelling and has worked as a model. Even though Bipasha achieved notoriety and a role in Bollywood, Bijoyeta did not.

5. Priyanka Chopra’s brother Siddharth Chopra

Siddharth Chopra, Priyanka Chopra’s younger brother, is a qualified chef who completed culinary classes in Geneva and was also trained as a chef in Switzerland. He is currently the proprietor of a pub.

Siddharth Chopra/Instagram

6. Deepika Padukone’s sister Anisha Padukone

Anisha Padukone is a sports fanatic, just like her sister Deepika. Anisha is a golfer who has represented India in numerous championships in the same sport. She has a bachelor’s degree in economics, a master’s degree in sociology, and a master’s degree in psychology. Anisha is the CEO of Deepika’s mental health initiative, Live Love Laugh.


7. Saif Ali Khan’s sister Saba Ali Khan

Saba Khan, Saif Ali Khan’s sister, is a successful jewellery designer who has also produced jewellery for Kareena Kapoor Khan, her sister-in-law.


8. Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen

Sushmita Sen’s brother is Rajeev. He had a passion for modelling and was said to have walked the runway for Will Lifestyle India Fashion Week in 2010.


9. Ranveer Singh’s sister Ritika Bhavnani

Ritika Bhavnani keeps a modest profile. As a result, little is known about her. Her only distinguishing characteristic is that she is an animal lover.


10. Aishwarya Rai’s brother Aditya Rai

Aditya Rai, Aishwarya Rai’s brother, is a mechanical engineer in the navy. He produced the film Dil Ka Rishta in 2003, but because it did not do well, he did not return to the entertainment industry.


11. Varun Dhawan’s brother Rohit Dhawan

Varun, Rohit’s sibling, looks a lot like him. In films such as Desi Boyz and Dishoom, he has worked as a director. In films such as Partner and Don, he has also worked as an assistant director.


12. Kartik Aryan’s sister Kritika Tiwari

Kritika Aryan, Kartik’s sister, is a doctor. Kritika appears in many of Kartik’s Instagram videos.


13. Tiger Shroff’s sister Krishna Shroff

Krishna is a fitness fanatic, just like her brother Tiger Shroff. She just launched a music video for the song Kinni Kinni Vaari, which was sung by Raashi Sood.


14. Anushka Sharma’s brother Karnesh Sharma

Karnesh Sharma, Anushka Sharma’s brother, is her film production partner. Many of the films produced under the brand of Clean Slate Filmz, such as Paatal Lok and Bulbul, proved to be economically successful.